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Hi! I’m Tiny Houser and wanderlust addict Jenna Spesard. I believe that minimalism will help you achieve your dreams. Would you like to learn how living small can unburden your finances, expand your mind, and maybe even lead to a life of adventure?  You’ve come to the right place.

Things You’ll Find on This Website:

  • Advice for Living Small, including my own experience building and living in a Tiny House

  • Travel Stories from my backpacking adventures overseas

  • The inspiration you need to follow your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted!

As you browse through my blog, I hope you will learn to love and laugh with me. Get frustrated with me. Maybe even cry with me. My goal is to not only make this blog is entertaining, but also to inspire you to live your own adventure with the best articles, video, and images I can produce! So what are you waiting for? Start living your own Giant Journey today!

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This section features a lot of valuable information. Here you’ll find my favorite travel gear, advice on Tiny House costs, build supplies, books, appliances, materials, and alternative systems. I’ve written many in-depth articles that will help you plan your next tiny (or giant) adventure. Click here or on the image below to visit my resource page.


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Photography is a big part of how I share stories on this blog. Sometimes telling a story visually is the best way I can express the wonderful world of travel and minimalism. Click on the images below to follow my story on Instagram.