Tumbleweed Los Angeles Workshop

Tumbleweed Workshop

We had the opportunity to participate in a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop. About 6 weeks ago, we ordered out custom trailer from Tumbleweed, and the delivery date happened to be on the same day they were presenting their workshop. So guess who got to be the bell of the ball on her debut? Our newborn tiny trailer!

I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to attend a workshop presented by someone who has actually built a tumbleweed house. I had already been to one up in Seattle, and had a fantastic time. The workshop in Los Angeles was presented in a slightly different way and was less crowded, which is welcomed. Both workshops were an amazing source of knowledge and a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. Ya know, the ones that get excited about composting toilets and wall siding.

If you decide to attend, you will be flooded with abundant information and resources on the “living tiny” movement: from framing to instant tankless water heaters, building codes to hurricane ties, and material choices to living smaller. You can find most of the subjects approached here.

Tumbleweed Workshop

This weekend we met amazing people. Ella and Ross, from Tumbleweed, had expansive knowledge and passion about their products. Beware, their enthusiasm and overall outlook on life is extremely contagious!

Ella built her own Fencl and has been living in it for almost 10 months. You should definitely check out her blog.

Tumbleweed Workshop

We also met Matt and Eva who were attending the workshop to evaluate if a tiny house would meet their needs. They have three kids (ages 6, 8 and 10), and plan on traveling the country as a family while filming a documentary. You guys should definitely check out their website to learn more about their heartfelt project: OneYearRoadTrip

Tumbleweed Workshop

Matt and Eva Talking to Tumbleweeder Ross

Marvin, another attendee, offered his carpentry skills to help build our house and gain some training. If his ability to cut a straight angle is congruent with his bountiful generosity, we’ll be finished in a matter of weeks!

Tumbleweed Workshop

This workshop is the cornucopia of information about the build you’re dreaming of starting. You know you are…

Tumbleweed Workshop

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