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Sneak Peek Inside Our Home!

I know we haven’t posted any photos of the inside of our home yet, but today we allowed a Los Angeles radio station, KPCC an NPR affiliate, to take a tour. The house isn’t quite done, but please enjoy a few photos as the inside of our house begins to take shape.

Listen as KPCC tours our tiny home here.

Check back soon for more interior photos and details.

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11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Inside Our Home!

  1. Cool beans! Just saw you driving through Albuquerque and had to figure out what was up. Tons of luck to you guys!

  2. If you ever make it to the east coast, it would be a pleasure to meet you! I’d be happy to show you around the east coast of Massachusetts and buy you a good luck tank of fuel! Safe travels and happy journeying to you folks.

    Maggie and Koda

  3. I am so impressed with these small homes! Keep me in the loop with all things from Tiny House. This is my desire, to have a house like this so no matter where I go, I’ll still be HOME !

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