The Lilypad: An Eclectic Eco Friendly Tiny Home

Anita's Lilypad Eco Friendly Tiny Home

Anita’s tiny house, “the Lilypad,” has been on our radar for the past few months. This tiny’s design is so unique, it reminded me of the Pinafore and the Ravenlore other tiny homes with a distinct motifs, but it wasn’t until I actually stood inside the Lilypad that I could appreciate the eclectic decor and innovative layout. With the help of Lina Menard from Niche Consulting (click here for a video tour of Lina’s tiny home), Anita was able to create FIVE separate rooms in the Lilypad’s 248 square feet! That has to be some kind of a record. 

Watch the FULL VIDEO TOUR of the LILYPAD here:

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Ghandi

Anita is passionate about animals and the environment, which ultimately drove her to go tiny. Her home now advocates for her chosen lifestyle.

My favorite feature in Anita’s Lilypad? Well, I can’t pick just one. . . I loved ALL of the eco-friendly features!

The Lilypad’s Eco Friendly Tiny Home Features:



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12 thoughts on “The Lilypad: An Eclectic Eco Friendly Tiny Home”

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful tiny home. The space it utilized to get the maximum use out of it, 5 rooms, wow and all so functional. I also like that you made it so self sustainable while leaving a miniscule footprint The best job I’ve seen so far…

  2. I’m not much for the busy color combos and all the “stuff”. However, I must say that it reads like a real home. That’s a good change from tiny houses on wheels that have little personality.

  3. Hello. I loved this idea do you have the design plans or architects website and number. I am very interested.



  4. This is my ultimate Tiny House design inspiration…. and I love the way space is maximized to its utmost personalized functionality. What strikes me most are the steps and the bed. I’m a klutz and climbing ladders is a precarious endeavor for me… those steps look so comfortable to climb… and the bed loft is a dream. Comfy, Cozy, and Spacious… just perfect! Thank you for featuring Anita’s Lilypad… 🙂

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