75 Year Old Man Travels World in Incredible House Truck

John's Expediton House - 0001

John, 75, is no stranger to building tiny homes, house trucks, expedition vehicles and DIY campers. In fact, he has designed and built twelve mobile alternative dwellings in the last 35 years and has plans for the next one!

“I just try to keep moving for as long as I can.” – John

Originally from Minnesota, John retired from the construction industry at 45 years old and, with his wife and two kids, decided to pursue a nomadic lifestyle. The family has traveled all over the world in John’s homemade RVs, homeschooling and adventuring. Instead of collecting belongings, John’s family has collected memories, experiences and photographs.

John's Expediton House - 0006

Two of John’s creations are parked in Homer, Alaska: an Adventure House Truck and a Retro Renovated RV. John was kind enough to take us through his House Truck, which he uses for travel most of the year. His Renovated RV acts as a permanent home in Homer, although it can also move if they choose to relocate.

John’s House Truck is built on a Mitsubishi Fuso chassis and took only four weeks to construct. With two water tanks, an outdoor shower, solar panels, propane appliances and ample storage, John and his wife are able to travel to remote locations all over the world. Their most recent adventure lead them through some rugged terrain in South America and the next big trip will take the House Truck to Russia.

“We’ve done 133,000 miles so far, and I drove it 5,” John chuckles. “My wife likes to drive.”

John's Expediton House - 0007

John’s Retro Renovated RV acts as a permanent home base in Homer

The Renovated RV was built on top of the burnt remains of a 1996 Holiday Rambler. John gave the destroyed RV a second life, using wooden shingles and carvings to decorate the exterior. He also built removable planters, which adds a nice floral touch. We weren’t able to do a tour of John’s Renovated RV, but as you can tell from the exterior, it’s a work of art. 

Could you travel around the world in John’s House Truck?

24 thoughts on “75 Year Old Man Travels World in Incredible House Truck”

  1. This guy is my new hero — “….we might have picked it up in Uruguay or Bolivia, I don’t remember.” What, can’t remember? That’s almost too much adventure.

    Question — how do they get the truck to Russia?

  2. Do you know if there are extra shocks or springs added to the chassy before the house was mounted on? I’m building a similar housetruck and am trying to find out information before I start the frame! It seems the earth cruisers and global expedition vehicles (also built on a Fuso truck) use something to reduce the amount of flexing the actual house does on bumpy roads. Thank you!

  3. Sean W & TinyHouseGiantJourney reference their blog – I’m his granddaughter from MN and just wanted to let you know that unfortunately he does not blog. Wish he did tho! So many amazing experiences to share!!!

  4. I think this is awesome! I’m curious how it finacially works. How to get enough income from what source? I bet he and his family don’t spend much. But still. Just wondering.

  5. My wife and I met John and his wife in Big Bend National park. Super friendly people and I am now on my hunt for a 4X4 FUSO to follow in his steps. Wish I could find their blog!

  6. Hi and thank you for all your wonderful work/adventures and sharing. Wondered if John, with their, Retro Renovated RV, was taking any questions about how-to’s? tanks-EV

  7. The renovated RV with the shingles is the most beautiful example of what you can do with a bus or truck that I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s inviting, cozy, lovely and seems quite roomy but small enough to clean easily. Too bad we can’t see inside also but since the inside of the Adventure Housetruck is so well planned, the bigger house on wheels can only be better.

  8. Can we find out from John how he put the wooden shingles on the RV? I would like to do the same thing to our RV.

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