Winter Campervanning in Iceland, for Budget Travelers!

Winter Campervanning in Iceland, for Budget Travelers!

As far as dream vacations go, Iceland has always been at the top of our list. How could you not want to visit a country with incredible landscapes, extreme adventures and natural hot springs? That being said, these unique sights come with a huge price tag, including flights, hotels, rental cars, tours, experiences and restaurants. Don’t worry budget travelers: Guillaume and I found a loop hole! We adventured through Iceland in the winter season (taking advantage of the off-season prices) and rented a campervan to save money on a rental car and hotels!

Winter Campervanning in Iceland


It’s a sin to visit Iceland without exploring the countryside. You HAVE to get outside of the city and, unless you book a pricey tour, you’ll need to rent a car. Many of the country’s most impressive landmarks are located just a few hours from Reykjavik. My suggestion? RENT A CAMPERVAN and take a few days to self-drive the famous Golden Circle. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on hotel fees and you’ll sleep under the northern lights!

Guillaume and I rented a campervan from Go Iceland for four nights for $454.90.

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0006

Is it too cold to campervan in winter?? 

Nope! Our campervan was outfitted with two heavy duty sleeping bags and an electric heater. The outdoor temperature in late November was flirting between +1°C and -1°C. At night, I curled up inside my sleeping bag and slept comfortably. Although, I must admit, it was difficult to emerge from my cocoon in the morning!

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0013

What amenities does the campervan include?

Our campervan was equipped with a gas camping stove, utensils, small water tank, full size bed, heater, and two sleeping bags.

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0007

What about bathrooms? 

Sorry folks, campervans aren’t as fancy as tiny homes. We had to “do our business” outside or visit a public restroom. I wasn’t overjoyed about dropping my pants in the freezing cold, but it’s a small price to pay for the adventure. As for showers, we used wet wipes or visited a public hot spring.

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0008

Where do you park/camp? 

In the summer season there are campgrounds available with amenities, but in the winter you can pretty much pull off anywhere on a rural road.

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0012

The best part about winter campervanning in Iceland?

Chasing the Northern Lights! If you’re lucky enough to have clear skies on your visit, you can find a secluded campsite and watch the green glow twirl across the night sky. Unfortunately, Guillaume and I were cursed with clouds during our trip. We never saw aurora’s ribbon dance, but we still tried to catch a glimpse every evening.

Go Iceland Camper Van - 0010

Watch a short video about our campervanning adventure:

*Thanks to GO ICELAND for helping us rent a campervan. As always, the opinions expressed in this article are our own. 



  1. Lisa
    March 27, 2017 / 9:31 am

    Hello, I am thinking of campervan camping in April 2017. Is it required to park at a campground or is it still allowed to pull off and park anywhere? How is the weather around mid April?

    • March 27, 2017 / 11:44 am

      Hi Lisa, I’m not sure about the regulations. In the wintertime, it’s pretty laid back. In spring and summer they may require you to stay in a campground. The weather should be warmer in April, but I would check with

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