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Hi I’m Jenna! I write about TRAVEL and TINY HOUSE LIFESTYLE.

I believe that minimalistic living and travel go hand in hand. It’s how I live my life! Below I’ve listed some of my favorite and most popular articles to get you started. As you read, I hope you will learn how nomadism, minimalism and traveling the world can make your life richer.

Some of the things you’ll find on this website:

  • Information on the Tiny House Movement, which will make you fall in love with this charming, alternative lifestyle.
  • Professional photography and videos showing my Travel Adventures and Tiny Home owners with their masterpieces. 
  • Tips for traveling abroad on a budget
  • Build advice for Tiny House craftsman
  • Road trip stories from traveling around the country in a Tiny House
  • Backpacking adventures full of tips, funny stories and devastating set backs
  • Budget advice
  • My favorite gadgets for travel and systems that I use in my minimalist lifestyle

Love and laugh with me. Get frustrated with me. Maybe even cry with me. My goal is to not only make this blog is entertaining, but also to inspire you to live your own adventure! So what are you waiting for? Start your own Giant Journey today!


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Photography is a big part of how I share stories on this blog. Click on the images below check out my tiny house Instagram.

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6 thoughts on “New to this website?

  1. Greetings family…
    Upon returning to the USA from volunteering with southeast Asian refugees I immediately sought my “tiny” dream home…I live near DC. When and where can I find actuall tours???
    Thanks Jeff

  2. Hello . I’m so glad you both are living your dream which is many peoples dream. What you doing now is what I like to be doing when I’m 62. I’m 58 now . Just bought the tandem Kayak for me and my wife. Got an old trailer that is gong to be the base of the mini home. Good Luck on the rest of your life and this journey. Going to check your site daily .

  3. Hey let’s make a trade– I will sign up with your dog on Amazon, and you can make your videos longer. Is it a deal? Seriously, I just love the places you go, I doubt I will ever get to do many of the things you are doing. For instance, the video on your scuba experience in Iceland was wayyyy too short for me. And I adored the camper-van video with the ponies. DEF could have been longer. Just sayin’. You’re a real favorite in our house, even our girls watch your videos. All those eclectic little details from the tiny houses that you could put in there… scrapped or edited-out footage and out-takes would be fun to watch too. Sounding like a naggy fan? Yeah I guess I am. But you’re fun to watch!

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