Two Years in a Tiny House

Today I am celebrating two years tiny! Guillaume and I officially finished construction on September 2nd, 2014. We then moved into our tiny abode and hit the road. At the time, we had no idea what was in store for us. It has been a transformational two years. I’ve learned so much about life, material objects, and most of all, myself.

two years tinyTwo Years Tiny. Happy Birthday Tiny House!

Minimalism isn’t a lifestyle you decide to pursue on a whim. Ironically, it is hard work to maintain simplicity! I can honestly say my tiny house is the embodiment of my values. Every item I own has worth in my life.

THGJ New Brunswick - 0018
Living in a tiny house isn’t always easy. There are days when I wish I had more space and more belongings. I am working on being satisfied with what I have, and my tiny house has helped me achieve happiness with less.

Haines Highway - 0001The key to happiness is linked to your ability to be satisfied.

Will I always live in a tiny house? I don’t know. Life has a way of changing, and I will continue to adapt. I do know that I will never live grossly outside of my means. My tiny house has shown me that there is beauty in simplicity, and no matter how complicated life gets, I will strive to remember that.

Tiny House Dalton Highway - 0018

I still love my tiny house after two years. It makes me smile when I pull into my driveway and warms my heart when I open the front door. Walking inside my tiny home is like receiving a hug from a friend or lover. My house washes away all of the tension that I hold in my body throughout the day. I sleep better in my tiny home, and I take better care of myself.

THGJ California Wild Flowers - 0010My tiny house makes me a better person.

Thank you for following this blog for the past two years (or three years if you have been with us since we started building in 2013). Guillaume and I have some announcements to make, so stay tuned for more tiny house videos and travel stories. Looking forward to another year tiny!

—Apparently I like to jump in front of my tiny house, a lot. Looking forward to another year of doing that. —-

27 thoughts on “Two Years in a Tiny House”

  1. Congratulations, and thanks for all the posts of your journey. It’s been fun following you, and I look forward to your future adventures. I’ve been in my tiny Ozmyrrah since 6/5/15, and will never go bigger again. I feel so content. It’s an amazing trip we’re on.

  2. You manage to entertain, educate and make us feel like close friends. That’s truly an art, Jenna. Thank you! As always, I wish you both the best! Sherri at Tumbleweed

  3. Thank you, Jenna and Guillaume, for changing Tammy’s mind about going tiny. She was dead set against it until you stayed in our driveway Christmas of 2014 and she saw how her claustrophobia wasn’t triggered by your 18′ house.

    Even still, we love that Tumbleweed has added a new 26′ model to their lineup, and have started looking at land in nearby Moncks Corner. The boys just turned 15, so we still have three years before we can make the leap, but are making concrete plans in the meantime!

  4. Always look forward to your posts…yours was the first tiny i ever walked into……am planning my tiny future after meeting you all! congrats and happy tiny versary! >^..^<

  5. I would love to do what you guys are doing,I have though about selling my house and getting a tiny house a friend of mine did it and having a very good live now ,she loves it.thank you very much,,and have fun what ever yo do..

  6. Thank you both for all the tiny house journeys that you have shared with all of us!! You have helped greatly to inspire me into buying a tiny house in the near future. Looking foward to more tiny house adventures soon. God bless you both!!!

  7. After having lived several years in our RV I was not able to get comfortable in a 2-bedroom apartment. Too big. We are about to downsize again. I hope you will be comfortable whether you decide to stay tiny or not.

  8. Has it really been 2 years? Amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey and insights. My life has also shifted a lot in that time, including some right-sizing. Keep up the great work!

  9. My wife and I have been following your journey for a while now and even had a chance to meet you and Guillaume in Massachusetts. At the time we were pairing down and preparing to sell our house to head back to the PNW.
    Our big news is that today is the day we settle into our new winter role as camp hosts in our 200 sf camper! It’s pretty exciting for us and we look forward to continuing to define what we “need” and what is really important in life.
    You have certainly been an inspiration for us over the past couple years and we wish the two of you well and hope we may meet up again.

    Matthew and Carolyn Zipeto

  10. Thank you for being so generous, for sharing your adventure, lessons & insights into tiny living! You are a wonderful writer, Jenna, and I so enjoy reading your blog…May there be many more for us all to enjoy vicariously through you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  11. Happy tinyversary! I’ve loved your YouTube channel and blog, I am dreaming of a small studio on wheels. Maybe one day.
    Some days I find my flat too big, but I try to simplify that as much as I can. I need to throw and give away a lot still. 🙂

  12. My husband and I are considering upgrading our lives to a tiny house. We want more quality time together. We are in the design stage of our tiny house. From the research we have done so far, it appears that finding a place to park is the biggest challenge. We are also faced with the challenge of where we would able to build our tiny house since we currently live in an apartment. We will continue to move forward with our plans and if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations please send them our way.

  13. A key to contentment is living beneath your means so you can reach the point of having enough saved to do only what you want to do.
    I’ve enjoyed watching since construction, and I have learned from our fifth-wheel travels that tiny living makes closer, stronger families.

  14. Nice post, Jenna. And thanks to both of you for giving all of us two years of wonderful adventures and beautiful pictures, plus the many lessons we’ve all learned about tiny house living.

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