Tiny House in Transition

I wanted to address something a lot of you have already guessed: Guillaume and I parted ways earlier this year. We remain close friends, and we are supporting each other through this transition. Did the confined space of the tiny house break us up? No. This is just life. It doesn’t always go the way you plan.

So what’s next for Tiny House Giant Journey?

I will be living in the Tiny House, and I’m setting up a little homestead at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Oregon. Salies (my dog) is keeping me company. This blog will continue to be updated by me.

THGJ Modular Tiny House Couch

2016 has been a year of transition. 2017 holds new adventures.

Travel writing and minimalism are still my passions. They continue to drive me, even when life turns me in another direction. From now on I will NOT be traveling with my Tiny House in tow. Instead, I’m saving more money by parking in one location. I’ve already booked two trips for early 2017: Taiwan and Peru! Expect more travel posts and photos.

Guillaume also has big plans for the future. I won’t spill the beans. When he’s ready, I’ll update you on his projects.

THGJ California Wild Flowers - 0011

There has definitely been a transition period now that I live alone in my tiny home. I have twice as many chores, and twice as much closet space. For the first time in two years, I can purchase a new pair of shoes without getting rid of something else. There are certain high shelves that sit empty and out of my reach, and that makes me sad and drives me insane at the same time. In an effort to make the space more “me,” I’ve purchased a few girlie, fluffy pillows for the couch, changed a few decorative knobs, and planted a garden.

My Tiny House is becoming a new person, and I am too.

TransitionI hope you will continue to follow my journey as it turns down a new path. Thank you!

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  1. As many i noticed the change but unlike some i didn’t think it was dying so much as changing.
    Not all relationships last and it was clear (at least to me) that this one had changed from more of couple to friends.

    There of course was some bitterness but it seemed more to do with it not working then at the people involved.
    Live is change and like everything else we as people change and sometimes we are not longer the people each fell in love with.

    Thankfully change also means many new and exciting things can come into our lives and new people.

    Also it has to been better then when my former neighbor would get drunk and think i looked like brad pitt and then tried raping brad Yikes the memories !!!

  2. I was shocked as to how many people watched your Valentine’s Day video and talked about what a “cute couple” you were. That video was heartbreaking because it was 1000% obvious you two were breaking up. You were clearly NOT happy. It wasn’t a “cute couple” video in any way. It was a “dying relationship” video. I was stunned by the fact so many people were unable to see that. Was obvious to me. I even made a comment to that effect on the video 9 months ago. Then again, not everyone can read their fellow human beings very well.

    You appear to be doing well. I can see you’re hurting but healing. That’s a healthy place to be. I wish you all the best.

  3. I’ve been in and out on following your blog. Followed since you first built it. Sorry for the split.

    It was great meeting both of you and your tiny house in Nashville. Your house and the Music City Tiny House were the first (and so far, only) tiny houses I’ve been able to see in person. I still have ideas to go tiny when I retire from the military but wife just isn’t on board with it. 🙁

    I hope you are all doing well. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the split and I wish you both every good thing for the future. I’m planning on visiting Oregon again next year and spending a little time at the Mt Hood Tiny Village sounds like a fun idea. I’ll have to check how to get there from Portland (suggestions welcome!) Cheers and good luck (especially this election day)!

  5. When you look at the beauty of nature around you, you cannot help but believe in a higher power. I choose to honor that beauty by being a believer in our Creator; and it is He, not you, who has chosen this new path for you. From my own experience, there will be melancholy moments, but the freedom you feel to be all you can be will enhance your journey. I will remain a blog follower. Carry on!

  6. Greetings, have enjoyed your videos and gained many great ideas and precautions from your show. Am sorry about your new life status and wish you both the best.

    You lived what I plan to do – to travel the US for 12-24 months in a Tiny before purchasing land and parking. I wonder, would you be open to a visitor so I could “interview” You about traveling FT in a THOW?
    I’ve wanted to rent one if the rentals there in Mt Hood Village and would love to book a nite around your availability if willing to offer advice & input. I’d love to treat you to a meal and gain your feedback about a true toad-worthy THOW, how found locations to “camp” in transit (heard many campgrounds wouldn’t allow THOWs) and managing as a single woman. I’m 62, experienced recent life altering medical “miracle” so want to see this beautiful country while visiting patients struggling in similar circumstances to my own.
    Hope to hear from you with how can connect privately – Warm Regards, JT

  7. Wow Jenna I didn’t know this when you came to Michigan for your family visit. Sorry to here of your break up, but I do understand. Hopefully everything is going to be great for all of you

  8. So sorry about the breakup ,but life goes on,,good luck to you both.keep up with your junrey. Will be looking for updates..🌼🌹🌸

  9. I extend a hope. Today I hope my inspired friend Jenna and her former companion allow love and appreciation from us all to soothe the sting of endings. For me The Tiny House journey saved me from the grief of my own loneliness and helped me feel as a part of something bigger than myself. Thank you Jenna. God bless.

  10. memories left
    hopes and sorrows
    grey skies brighten
    there’s always tomorrow
    eyes wide open
    there’s so much to see
    the worlds vast treasures
    for you and for me

  11. Hi Jenna: Boyd here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sorry to hear of the breakup, but glad to hear that you are OK, and going forward with your life and dreams. It was my pleasure to meet you and Guillaume while you visited Halifax. I love your home and have been following your adventures since that time. Do take care of yourself, and continue to enjoy the Tiny life that you have chosen.

  12. Jenna and Guillaume, you are such kind hearted people and I’m glad to know you. Transitions are always difficult and surely you’ll each continue to do amazing things in your own new giant and tiny journeys. All the best and keep on sharing your passion for life through art, music, writing and photos. Big hugs to you both.

  13. My husband and I were sad to read your news.
    Jenna you’re an inspiration and I love that you’re still going to live in your tiny home with Sailis. I look forward to reading about your future ventures.
    PS The photo of you on your laptop, I love seeing Sailis’ little nose poking out from under the couch.

  14. Wow, what an adventure you two had and now you’re off on your next one. Breakups can be tough, but then I suspect you are too. Good luck to each of you and I look forward to your next post. Hang in there girl…..

  15. Thank you for sharing your journey and adventures. I always look forward to your blog and I will look forward to seeing you grow and evolve into a new journey.

  16. Sorry to here about your break up….Glad you have Salies for company……Happy to see you have settled in Oregon and hope you love it here. I have watched your journey from the beginning and love reading your blogs. Saw you all at the Portland Tiny House Conference a few years ago. I have missed the open houses at Mt Hood Village, but hope to make one soon or just come up and do a rental for a couple of days.

  17. I am really sorry for the breakup…I can imagine how hard it could be for you to collect enough strength and braveness to open your life to the world. I wish you all the best for your coming journey, I am sure it will be full of joy and beautiful new experiences! And we-your followers- are with you and sending a lot of positive energy to you!
    Best wishes from Hungary!

  18. This is indeed sad news. I respect your candor and thank you for sharing so openly with all of us. I look forward to your future postings and want to wish both of you the very best life has to offer.


  19. Sometimes life takes a twist or turn that may have been unexpected or was lurking in the background but just not visible. I wish BOTH of you the very best in life as you each move forward. You will each carry your memories with you forever.

  20. i have almost been with you guys from the beginning. Change always happen in people’s life good or bad.Your Journey has only begun for you and a life time of it ahead of you. stay strong and keep on doing what you love. Head held high even if its hard to do somedays.

    From Tiny House on the Priarie

  21. Oh, Jenna, I’m so sad to read this. Not that I can’t understand it, believe me. I know that life can change in a heartbeat, we grow and we change and sometimes we grow apart. I think it’s a normal part of life and growing.
    I’m glad you get to remain in your Tiny House and in what seems like a great community.
    I can’t wait to read about what lies ahead for you and wish you all the best. 💖

  22. The news of your breakup with Guillaume is certainly a shock. But what a great adventure you both experienced. Priceless! I hope you will continue sharing your journey and please consider adding video and commentary. No doubt you will surprise and delight us all. I have a few heroes, and you are one.

  23. Sorry to hear about your breakup. I am forever and always a fan and will continue to follow as long as you keep it going. Best wishes, maybe our paths will cross when we venture on our Tiny House travels soon.

  24. All life is transition, some good, some not so good and some just different. Being a single woman myself I’m looking forward to reading of your new adventures, both a your new homestead and abroad.

  25. Best wishes to both of you. We love you guys and appreciate your many contributions to the growth of the tiny house movement! My son and I met you when we took the Tumbleweed class in LA 2 years ago. We finished ours earlier this year!

  26. Aww crap…..So sorry to hear that, and wish you both all the very best going forward. The best advice I received many years ago was, “when one door closes, two doors will open”….it did for me and I trust the same happens for you guys.

  27. I am glad to hear you will continue on. Don’t know what to say about the breakup – I have no talent for such things. What I find most exciting just now is the adventures ahead, and – not so very oddly – discovering and using new cameras, video editing, website building, and YouTube posting. I am not completely new to any of this, but now I intend to apply myself in earnest. Look forward to seeing your future posts. All the best, Ben

  28. It’s always sad to break up – but I hope that future will bring you all the very best and of course I’ll continue reading your blog! Greets from Germany!!

  29. It crossed my mind that you and G had split because your posts recently have been ”I” have done this or ”I” have done that but, I guess I hoped you hadn’t split. You both seemed so well matched and obviously were, for quite a while. Whatever G is up to and whatever your future holds, I wish you both happiness. Be safe; be happy!

  30. I am sorry for your break up but understand completely, I have loved following your blog and will continue to do so. Wish you all the best as you adjust to your new life.

  31. Hello , My name is Jackie. And like you I am in big transition. One of the changes is moving from Florida to Colorado! So excited and so anxious! This has been a dream for a long time. Getting my tiny built and will be ready the end of December. Weather permitting. I know in my heart your going in the right direction. Good luck and happy travels!

  32. Also will continue to respect your privacy and follow your life’s adventure. Wishing the very best for G too; and, the wonderful Aussie.

  33. May the road come up to meet you.
    BEST of luck with your continuing adventure.
    Don’t let the bastards get you down.
    Keep on chooglin’!
    Love ‘ya!

  34. I can only speak for myself, but I will be with you as long as you are on the Internet. Good Luck. I guess your first job is to find some new income = keep us posted. Hal

  35. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your breakup. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and posts. I also loved living vicariously through you and all your travels. Good luck on your transition into 2017. Of course, I will still follow! Heart hugs~

  36. I’m really sorry to hear this but thank you for sharing your entire Journey .
    I wish you both the best.
    I was just traveling and tried to visit the Mt hood resort ,I didn’t know you were there..
    They said no more driving by.
    Take care Toni

  37. That’s too bad. You both have shared a lifetime of memories already and so young. I figured it was a dream you guys were living and so lucky to have seen so much of North America.
    Cheers and best wishes !

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