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Tiny House Gifts: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know someone dreaming or currently building a Tiny House? It’s difficult to buy a gift for someone who is downsizing. Not to worry, I’ve created a Tiny House Gift Guide to make it easy! Below you’ll find my favorite books, movies, TV shows and gadgets. I think these gifts are wonderful for anyone who is dreaming or actively building a Tiny House.

tiny house gift guide

Tiny House Gift Guide 2016

Some of the gifts found on my Tiny House Gift Guide are classics; Others are new and improved! I hope this list helps someone else achieve their tiny dream life. Happy Holidays!

Novels and Coffee Table Books

Are you “Tiny Curious” or know someone who is? These books will inspire you to start living small. I remember when I read Dee Williams’s novel, “The Big Tiny,” a few years ago. I still get goosebumps when I think about some chapters. Lloyd Kahn’s coffee table books will make you believe in the movement and open your mind to a world of minimalism you never thought possible. Deek Diedricksen’s colorful photography book “Micro Shelters” features my Tiny House and my dog, Salies!

Films and TV shows

Not wanting something tangible? The below films and TV shows will help you visualize your future tiny life and won’t take up any space in your home. You can purchase any episode for a few dollars or the entire season for $15. Make sure to check out my episode: “Adventure House” on season 1 of HGTV’s “Tiny House Big Living!”

Tiny House Gear Under $20

Below you’ll find Tiny House gadgets and gear for under $20. Everyone should have a speed square in their toolbox, don’t you agree?

Tiny House Gear Under $50

Below you’ll find Tiny House gadgets and gear for under $50. And you thought the Aeropress wasn’t going to make my Tiny House Gift Guide… WRONG!

Tiny House Gear Under $100

Hey big spender! Below you’ll find Tiny House gadgets and gear for under $100, including fun items that I use every day in my own Tiny Home.

Couldn’t find the perfect gift? Check out my Tiny House Materials page for more options or search below:

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