Hi there! I’m Jenna, or that “Tiny House Girl”

Four years ago I had an overwhelming amount of debt, belongings and no money to pursue my dreams. I was working paycheck to paycheck. Then, in 2013, I did something radical. I quit my stable job and built a Tiny House on wheels with my then boyfriend, Guillaume. The goal? To live simply and travel the world. Tiny House Giant Journey was born.
Tiny House Giant Journey

My Tiny House traveled over 25,000 miles on a one-year road trip!

From 2014-2015, Guillaume and I visited more than thirty U.S. States and five Canadian Provinces with our Tiny House in tow. Along the journey, I met dozens of like-minded people embracing a variety of alternative lifestyles. I share Tiny House stories, challenges, and advice on this blog.

In 2016, Guillaume and I ended our partnership. I then moved my Tiny House to Oregon where I continue to live small and pursue my passions for writing and traveling. 2017 is going to be a year of transformation and adventure. My Giant Journey continues!


When I’m not living in my Tiny House, I’m backpacking around the world! I believe living small and traveling goes hand in hand. After all, the only reason I can travel the world is because of my simple, affordable lifestyle. My recent budget friendly travels include trips to Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, SpainThailand, Hawaii, Taiwan, Peru, and Guatemala. Click here to view all of my Travel Articles.
My blog has been featured on several large news outlets, including Business Insider, NY Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, TravelChannel.com, and the front page of Yahoo! I’ve also been featured on HGTV and Travel Channel as a show host and Tiny House expert. Living small has opened many doors.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

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