Tiny House and Travel Articles

Hawaii Volcano

Hawaii Volcano: Hike or Bike Next to Flowing Lava

This once in a lifetime experience had me sweating, but the glow of melting lava was a sight I will never forget. Learn how you can hike or bike next to flowing lava on the Big Island, Hawaii.
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Best Tiny House Books

Interested in the Tiny House movement? I've listed my (current) favorite Tiny House books, written by experienced Tiny Housers.
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Taiwan 2 Week Itinerary & Budget

Usually skipped over by tourists, Taiwan is one of Asia's best-kept secrets. I spent 17 days traveling around the country. By the end of the trip, it started to feel like home!
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Tiny Digs Hotel

What I Learned from Renting Another Tiny House

I rented another Tiny House at one of Portland's Tiny House Hotels. Here's what I learned.
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Taiwanese Food

Taiwanese Food: 14 Amazing Night Market Street Foods to Try and 1 to Avoid

Food in Taiwan is known for being diverse and flavorful. In this article, I list my favorite night market foods & one item to avoid at all costs!
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Scarlett Tiny House

“Scarlett” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny Village

Take a tour of "Scarlett," my favorite vacation rental at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Oregon.
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7 Tricks for Building a Tiny House for Cheap + One Thing You Should Never Skimp On

Can you build a Tiny House for $11k? Sure! Here are few tricks that will save your budget.
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How To Weigh Your Tiny House

Tiny Homes are heavy! It's important to stay within your trailer limits. Here is how I calculate my Tiny House weight.
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New Years Eve in Cabo San Lucas: Where to go and when to splurge

Cabo is known for its vibrant party-scene, but I found a different vibe on my recent trip over New Years 2017.
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Travel Gear for Minimalist and Budget Backpackers

My minimalist packing list for traveling abroad, including: backpacking essentials, female travel clothes, photo and tech gear!
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