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Savannah, GA: Deadly Oaks & Purple Ravens

“Driving through Savannah with a tiny house is nerve-wracking,” Dan Louche, from Tiny Home Builders, warned us over a slice of pizza in Atlanta. And he was right. Savannah streets are known to be lined with oaks, creating a canopy of low hanging branches that dangle wispy moss on passing cars. These oaks are alluring and exquisite, but don’t let them fool you, they are tiny house assassins. My house is 13’5″ and the thought of a convertible tiny house scares me.  Luckily we made it through the…

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Atlanta, GA: Innovative SCADpads & Mother Nature’s Bald Spot

Twenty minutes outside of Atlanta there’s a perplexing site, one that isn’t quite sure what it’s supposed to be. Is it a national monument? Is it a natural wonder? A historical faux-pas? Or, perhaps a carnival? One thing’s for sure: Stone Mountain is a strange place to hike. Which is exactly what we were doing there at 8am on a Tuesday. The history behind the large rock is tarnished to say the least. At one point it was a favorite meeting place for the Klu Klux…

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Nashville, TN: Three Tiny Homes & Chicken Analogies

After our weird and surreal vacation in Gatlinburg and a quick visit to the World’s Largest Treehouse, we headed west to a little-known Tennessee town called Nashville…….. Oh, you’ve heard of it?  We picked up two hitchhikers in the Smokies – Guillaume’s mother and brother. They wanted to experience country music’s capital in the tiny house. But how would we fit both of them and the three of us in the tiny house? That’s four people and a dog in a tiny house with only one real bed!! A…

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