Resources for Tiny House and Travel Enthusiasts

Four years ago I quit my job, built a Tiny House, and began living minimally to reduce my expenses and debt. Today, I can afford to work for myself and travel the world multiple times a year! This page is a list of resources I’ve put together to help you achieve your dream goals through minimal living and travel.

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Tiny House Materials

A list of appliances and materials I use (and recommend) in my Tiny House. This list will give you an idea of what to purchase for your own build.

Including what’s in my kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, tow kit, and more!

Tiny House FAQs

Learn about the Tiny House movement and why this counterculture is sweeping the nation. Find out some interesting facts about my build and Tiny House travels. Read about the legalities with Tiny House parking.


Including a list of my favorite Tiny House books, movies, and websites!

Packing Lists

Do you want to travel the world like me? On this page, you’ll find out what’s in my backpack, including my favorite travel gear, women’s clothing, and organization tools.

travel gear

I don’t only live minimally, I pack minimally as well! 

Systems & Gear

These articles will help you with the more technical aspects of Tiny House living while highlighting some cool and efficient gear.

Plumbing Resources

Learn how to plumb, heat, and survive winter in a Tiny House!

Travel Resources – Accommodation

I most frequently use Hostelworld (when traveling solo) and AirBNB (when traveling with a friend) for my budget travel accommodation. Another great option is, which awards customers with airline miles. I also like to check and post reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. These travel resources are a great way for you to start learning, ranking, and remembering your personal preferences.

Travel Re 

What more resources? Search my blog!