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Nova Scotia: Off-Grid Jungle & Ninja Moose

In one week, we traveled hundreds of miles and held five open houses, sleeping in a different parking lot every night and depending on Tim Horton’s for fuel (caffeine and Wifi). Halifax was the last stop on our open house tour, and then we had a week to freely explore Nova Scotia. On the evening before our open house in Halifax, Guillaume and I settled in for the night at the Kent Supply Store parking lot, when the power went out. Yikes, is this our fault? We panicked. A moment later we laughed…

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New Brunswick: Magical Creatures & Colorful Sprinkles

After leaving Quebec, we hopped, skipped and a jumped through New Brunswick. Our open house tour had us scheduled to be in Fredericton on Friday evening, Moncton on Saturday morning and Halifax on Sunday. So it was a quick trip and a long drive through this province… but the drive, oh my! We finally had our first taste of autumn, and it was dipped in orange, red, green and yellow sprinkles. I’ve been on three really memorable scenic drives in my life: 1). The Pacific Coast Highway along…

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Montreal: Maple Syrup Hospitality & Buggy Art

On our first morning in Quebec, we patted our little pup on the head, stuffed pillows into our staircase so that she couldn’t climb into the loft unsupervised, left our campground and headed straight for downtown Montreal. As we entered the old part of the city without any type of plan, we were greeted with a delicious surprise: a maple syrup tasting. I remember trying a few maple sugar candies when I was a kid and loving them so much that I pleaded with my parents to buy…

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