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Redwoods National Park: Feeling Ant-sy & Hallways of Ivy

I’m not a tall person, but I’ve always been attracted to tall men. I like to lean against them, allowing my cheek to rest against an arm or a chest. I like having someone around who can spot our group of friends at a concert or reach the top shelf at the bookstore. I like that my man could fling me over his shoulder if I’m too drunk to stagger home, and I like that I can hide behind his tall frame when I spy my ex-boss…

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Wood Stain

It’s not easy to pick the perfect wood stain, particularly when you are “designing on the fly.” In fact we procrastinated for so long, we had to stain our window trim AFTER it was hung! Once again, defying gravity and making our build just a little more complicated.  Guillaume and I chose redwood for our trim, mostly because it’s a weather-friendly wood that is readily available at Home Depot. Redwood can come in a variety of grades, going from a solid heartwood to a swirly rustic…

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