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Tiny House Builder showcases THREE of his Masterpieces

Abel Zyl, an artistic tiny house builder, is famous in the tiny house movement for his whimsical, handcrafted tiny homes. Today, he shares his story and three of his masterpieces!

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Nova Scotia: Full Moon Shelters & Salty Hikes

After leaving Cape Breton, Guillaume and I traveled back down the belly of Nova Scotia and stopped off at Peggy’s Cove. There’s some interesting folklore surrounding Peggy’s Cove. One story states that a pretty young shipwreck survivor washed up on shore and couldn’t remember her name. She fell in love with a local Nova Scotian fisherman and everyone started calling her “Peggy of the Cove.” Today, her cove is a spectacular sight, with a gorgeous lighthouse serving as the coup de grâce.  Our next stop was Mahone…

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Nova Scotia: Off-Grid Jungle & Ninja Moose

In one week, we traveled hundreds of miles and held five open houses, sleeping in a different parking lot every night and depending on Tim Horton’s for fuel (caffeine and Wifi). Halifax was the last stop on our open house tour, and then we had a week to freely explore Nova Scotia. On the evening before our open house in Halifax, Guillaume and I settled in for the night at the Kent Supply Store parking lot, when the power went out. Yikes, is this our fault? We panicked. A moment later we laughed…

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