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Portland, ME: Duck Wing & Lobster Claw

It was my first time in Maine. We stationed the tiny house at the Disneyland of RV parks Bayley’s Camping Resort. The campground attendants actually led us to our campsite with a golf cart. Our spot overlooked a lovely pond with an iridescently lit fountain. They had TWO pools! It was absolutely the largest, most … Continue reading Portland, ME: Duck Wing & Lobster Claw

“Shipwrecked Minimalist”: A Border Crossing Story

It was time to leave Atlantic Canada. Guillaume and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour, but the date was October 5th and we needed to head south or commit to an icy winter in New England. How does one leave Nova Scotia with a tiny house? Dragging our heavy turtle shell behind us, the drive up and … Continue reading “Shipwrecked Minimalist”: A Border Crossing Story

Sneak Peek Inside Our Home!

I know we haven’t posted any photos of the inside of our home yet, but today we allowed a Los Angeles radio station (KPCC an NPR affiliate) to take a tour. As of now the house isn’t quite done, but please enjoy a few photos as the inside of our house begins to take shape.