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Nicki’s Colorful Victorian Tiny House After One Year

We received an update from Nicki after living in her tiny house near Savannah, Georgia, for one year. You know you want to hear her incinerating toilet review!

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A Fiery Tiny House Challenge

As you might remember, we parked our tiny home next to Nicki’s brand new fluorescent tiny home in Savannah a few weeks ago. During that time, we held an open house and created a video tour. But, that’s not all… Nicki is a firefighter. Her gear weighs sixty pounds and doesn’t fold up like regular clothing. “Where do you plan to store her helmet, boots and uniform?” I asked one night. She laughed and assured me that it would stay in the trunk of her car, as it always has. After…

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Savannah, GA: Deadly Oaks & Purple Ravens

“Driving through Savannah with a tiny house is nerve-wracking,” Dan Louche, from Tiny Home Builders, warned us over a slice of pizza in Atlanta. And he was right. Savannah streets are known to be lined with oaks, creating a canopy of low hanging branches that dangle wispy moss on passing cars. These oaks are alluring and exquisite, but don’t let them fool you, they are tiny house assassins. My house is 13’5″ and the thought of a convertible tiny house scares me.  Luckily we made it through the…

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