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Two Days at Craters of the Moon National Monument

Spelunking in a Lava Cave? Hiking for miles through a charred, blackened landscape that resembles the surface of the Moon? Yeah, we did that.

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Nashville, TN: Three Tiny Homes & Chicken Analogies

After our weird and surreal vacation in Gatlinburg and a quick visit to the World’s Largest Treehouse, we headed west to a little-known Tennessee town called Nashville…….. Oh, you’ve heard of it?  We picked up two hitchhikers in the Smokies – Guillaume’s mother and brother. They wanted to experience country music’s capital in the tiny house. But how would we fit both of them and the three of us in the tiny house? That’s four people and a dog in a tiny house with only one real bed!! A…

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Front Door

How can you get a snazzy front door for your tiny house?? The majority of tiny house plans call for custom doorways. This is due to proportionality: tiny house = tiny door. The major hurdle being that custom doors are difficult to build and expensive to order. Is there any way around this? Of course there is! Try one of these two options:

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