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A few fun facts you should know before embarking on your rigid insulation adventure: 1). It’s a sticky, disgusting, toxic mess that never ends. 2). I can’t even donate my clothes to Goodwill after using spray foam. They’re destroyed. 3). There’s always another gap or crack that needs foam. Have I mentioned it never ends? 4). If you screw it up, you’ll be shivering in your bed for years to come in between unpleasant nightmares about cracks and holes… 5). You WILL get it in…

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Roof Sheathing – Part 2

Jenna’s parents flew in for Thanksgiving from Illinois, and so we put them to work! No one comes to visit us, be it from France or the heartland, without holding a hammer and drinking a beer. Seriously, we won’t let them leave until they’ve practically choked to death on saw dust. For the second time in my life, my father – Mr. S, decided to put a roof over my head. Only this time he literally placed the sheathing on the rafters, which is easier said than…

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