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roof: (noun) The structure forming the upper covering of a building or vehicle… or both!!! < p style=”text-align: justify;”> We’ve been struggling to find the right roofing material for our Tiny House. Conventional asphalt shingles aren’t very attractive or wind resistant; wood shingles and shakes are heavy and require care; ceramic tiles and slates are expensive and heavy; thatching will burn your house down; and finally, asbestos will give you cancer. Great… So what’s left? Metal roofing? This seems to be the go-to material for Tiny Houses out there. It’s readily available,…

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Roof Underlayment

Scenario: Water gets under your metal roof or shingles, finds its way to one of the nails holding your shingles, seeps through your plywood sheathing, and slowly waterboards you in your sleep… Doesn’t that sound like fun? No. That is why it’s important that you apply roof paper on top of your sheathing. And because a tiny house roof is so small, you should probably just buy the good stuff! We bit the bullet and purchased some Grace Ice & Water Shield roofing underlayment. You might only need…

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