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5 Tips for Tiny House Travel

Our modified Tumbleweed Cypress has rolled all the way from Los Angeles to Nova Scotia to Florida, where I’m currently writing this blog post. In the four months and 8,500 miles I’ve traveled with a tiny home, I’ve learned a lot through trial and error. Below is a short list of tiny house travel tips that I hope will be helpful to future tiny house travelers. 5 Tips for Tiny House Travel 1). You can weigh your tiny home at any truck scale The best way is…

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Our Maiden Voyage

We had a baby! Well… it feels that way. What I mean is, our tiny house emerged from the driveway and received her birth certificate. She is officially DMV registered as a coach trailer. License plate and all! We are so proud. But let’s back up… Do you remember how hard it was for us to fit the trailer into Uncle Matt’s driveway? Well, now that we have an actual thirteen foot HOUSE on top of that trailer, multiply the level of difficulty thirteen-fold! A few…

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