Tiny House Consultations

I receive a lot of emails with desperate Tiny Housers looking to have their questions answer. As much as I’d love to help everyone, I simply can’t keep up. So, I’ve decided to offer Tiny House Consultation video chats!

What are Tiny House Consultations?

Tiny House consultations are a great way for you to get your specific build, design, or lifestyle questions answered. In each one-hour video/phone chat session,  I offer advice and resources that will help you make your Tiny House dream into a reality. Learn from my mistakes and streamline your process of going tiny!

My Background

I built my Tiny House  3 years ago and traveled over 25,000 miles with it from Alaska to Florida, and everywhere in between! I have been featured on several Tiny House TV shows on HGTV and Travel Channel.  Currently, I live in my Tiny House in Mt. Hood Tiny House village in Oregon. To learn more About Me, click here.

Who should book a Tiny House Consultation:

  • Anyone looking to build or buy a Tiny House
  • DIYers in the process of building a Tiny Home with specific questions
  • Tiny Housers with lifestyle or appliance questions
  • Anyone interested in starting a Tiny House blog

How Tiny House Consultations work:

I will connect with you via a Skype video chat,* streaming from my own Tiny House to give you a tour and visual references. I will answer your questions, showcasing examples in my own Tiny Home. Consulting chats will last up to one hour.

*A phone call (or other media communication) can be accommodated if preferred


$60 per 1 hr session

Example Questions You Can Ask:

Below are a few questions that have been asked during my consultations. Of course, you may ask anything Tiny House related, and I will do my best to give you a detailed and informative answer.

  • What would you do differently in your build?
  • How do you like your specific tiny house appliance, do you suggest a certain brand?
  • I plan to travel with my tiny house, do you have suggestions for saving weight?
  • How do the utilities work off-grid?
  • Can you explain your solar system / plumbing / greywater?
  • What is your favorite part of going tiny?
  • How is the tiny house attached to the trailer?
  • Explain how often you change/empty your propane tanks / compost toilet / fresh or greywater tanks?
  • How do you do laundry?
  • What was the total cost?
  • How long did it take to build?
  • What do you think of slide outs? Fold down porches? Steel framing?
  • What is your parking situation?
  • Do you have suggestions for finding parking?
  • How did you downsize?
  • How do you winterize for your climate?
  • Can I see your closet?
  • And many, many more…


“Jenna was amazing at providing confidence and some extra information I was trying to gather prior to picking up my house from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. With her experience in having a tiny and traveling with it, she knew exactly what I was facing!  I found that it made a HUGE difference by talking to Jenna. I recommend to anyone that is going “Tiny” and has questions, to make an appointment with Jenna!  The information and the time spent is invaluable.” 
– Katrina Touck’e / Tootling Tranquility Tiny House

Book your first Tiny House consultation!

1-Hr Consultation
1-Hr Consultation
via live video or phone chat