Tiny House Video Tours

Do you love Tiny House Video Tours? Below watch a detailed tour of my house and DOZENS of video tours of other Tiny Houses! Don’t be afraid to get your binge on.

The below video tour of my home was filmed by my friend Deek Diedrickson of relaxshacks.com. It was shot in September 2014, right after Guillaume (my partner at the time) and I finished the Tiny House. Since then I’ve added a few items, including my Kimberly Wood Stove, Movie Projector & Enormous Screen, and Portable Solar System.

For a list of all of the materials and appliances featured in my Tiny House video tour, click here. 

Deek recently wrote a book called “Micro Shelters” which features my Tiny House and many others. The book is “eye-candy” for Tiny Home enthusiasts!

micro shelters Tiny House Video Tours

Other Tiny House Video Tours

I’ve toured dozens of tiny spaces and met hundreds of interesting people living in homemade alternative dwellings. Below you will find a collection of video tours I have filmed to share this unique, alternative lifestyle.

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34 thoughts on “Tiny House Video Tours”

  1. Hey, there! I found this house and decided to watch the video (it is PRETTY amazing btw!) and I couldn’t stop thinking… How do you have internet? Is it included in your house…? Do you pay for it every month…?Do you stop at cafeterias and restaurants every day? Could you please explain?? Im confused!

  2. For the first time today, found and enjoyed watching the videos of your house and the videos you made reviewing others tiny homes. We have a 750 sq ft log cabin in the Tennessee Cumberland Mountains; built in turn key in SC and transported to TN. I had transported our old 28 foot camper home from TN to SC and stripped it down to the frame to build a tiny house on some day, so you are giving me a lot of really good ideas. I’m hoping you have video on your build, especially floor construction. Thanks so much. Hugh

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