Jenna Portrait Tiny House

Hi! I’m Jenna. I downsized and built a Tiny House, and it changed my life forever. Now I share stories on YouTube about other people living and building unique spaces. I hope my blog inspires you to build your own dream home. Read my full story here.

My Tiny House

The project that started it all! In 2013, I built a Tiny House and spent an entire year traveling around North American with it in tow. Little did I know, this decision would change my life forever…

Did you know you can now rent my house?!

My Vardo Wagon

Check out my most recent Tiny House project – a hand built vardo wagon! We use this beautiful wagon as an extra bedroom for guests and a playhouse for my kiddos, but it could also be a great Airbnb or unique camper. Read more about it here!

My Vintage Camper Restoration

I purchased and renovated a 60 square foot vintage travel trailer with my husband.  Read more about my 1971 vintage camper restoration by clicking here

Unique Home Tours & Stories

My Vardo Wagon!

I've done it again - I purchased another tiny house! This time it's a gorgeous vardo wagon, hand built by...
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My Tiny House Journey. Why I Moved Out & What’s Next!

A very personal article recounting my Tiny House journey, including the bumps in the road, and how living small has...
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Used Tiny Houses – Is it a Good or Bad Idea to Buy?

In this article, I list the PROS and CONS of buying a used Tiny House with examples. I also provide...
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My NEW Tiny House Furniture

I've been searching for the perfect futon for 6 years! After 3 attempts, I purchased a piece of Tiny House...
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Tall Skoolie Home! Basketball Couple’s School Bus Conversion

Kels and Jay incorporated their love for basketball into their beautiful skoolie home design, & they raised the roof to...
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The Ideal Tiny House Community is Located on the Coast of Oregon!

Tour a Tiny House community located on the Oregon coast. Learn how the community works and why there is a...
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Cave House! The Incredible Story of One Man’s Unique Home

Over the last 40 years, Grant Johnson has built a 5000 square foot cave house on his incredible property located...
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Life in a Tiny House During a Pandemic

See what life is like when you live in a Tiny House, skoolie, and van during a pandemic. True stories...
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Family with Two Teenagers Live in a Gorgeous Skoolie

Mike and Tawny downsized from a 5-bedroom home into a converted school bus! They renovated the bus for a spectacularly...
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Young Woman Builds Purple Tiny House as Art Project & Lives In It For Free

Miranda's Tiny House was built as a public art project with the help of volunteers. The inside features innovative space...
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