Installing Trailer Fascia Boards

Installing Trailer Fascia Boards

In this video, you’ll see me install the treated wood to the side of the trailer.

Let me tell ya: treated wood is haaaaard. And it’s not even nearly as hard as the steel you’re trying to attach it to! I spent quite a while at Home Depot figuring out which screws would be best for this. And let me tell ya something else: good quality screws are expeeeeeensive!

THgj building tip:

Pre-drill the treated wood and figure out if you need to pre-drill the metal too. My “expeeeeeeensive” screws were just as good going into the metal as a regular drill was so I didn’t bother pre-drilling the trailer frame.



  1. September 25, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    Good point on drilling the wood. Our “Expeeeeensive” screws went through the lumber OK but they don’t evacuate the saw dust. More than a few burned up and ended up a smoking mess before they would cut into the trailer. I figured out later to get the saw dust cleared out and then it was easy.

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