Installing Trailer Fascia Boards

Installing Trailer Fascia Boards

In this video, you’ll see me install the fascia boards to the side of the Tiny House trailer. This is the next step after sheathing the Tiny House trailer. 

Watch The Below Video to see a Timelapse of my Fascia Board Installation:

What are Fascia Boards?

Honestly, before building a Tiny House, I had no idea what a fascia board was. Basically, it’s the pretty exterior trim. So, this is the first part of the Tiny House that I’m working on that will actually be seen in the final product! I better now screw this up….

Let me tell ya: treated wood is haaaaard. And, steel – which is what the Tiny House trailer is made of – is even harder. So ,how can you attach the two together? I spent quite a while at Home Depot figuring out which screws would be best for this. My suggestion is to ask an associate, or two. I received a few different answers, so I’m not going to post which screws I ended up choosing for fear that they were wrong. But, let me tell ya something else: good quality screws are expeeeeeensive!

Tiny House Build Tip for Fascia Boards:

Pre-drill the treated wood and figure out if you need to pre-drill the metal too. My “expeeeeeeensive” screws were just as good going into the metal as a regular drill, was so I didn’t bother pre-drilling the trailer frame.

More Fascia Boards Installation on my Tiny House Build:



  1. September 25, 2013 / 1:19 pm

    Good point on drilling the wood. Our “Expeeeeensive” screws went through the lumber OK but they don’t evacuate the saw dust. More than a few burned up and ended up a smoking mess before they would cut into the trailer. I figured out later to get the saw dust cleared out and then it was easy.

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