Sheathing The Tiny House Trailer

Sheathing The Tiny House Trailer

This gives you an idea of what it takes for Tiny House trailer sheathing. You’ll notice how I struggled on the very first board because I didn’t have the right screws. Make sure you get the right self-tapping screws! You want the ones rated for metal with countersunk heads. And don’t forget to pre-drill the wood. Depending on the screws you get, you might have to pre-drill the metal frame too.

Watch the video for Tiny House Trailer Sheathing:

Also, you might have trouble finding sill sealer. Go to Lowes to find them (at least in SoCal). Home Depot didn’t have any idea what I was looking for, not even on their website. I did find some in a Home Depot in Vegas though… There is some on Amazon though!

Trailer Sheathing Update (2018)

Later on, we heard that we should have probably put a vapor barrier of some sort under the sheathing and maybe lathing strips to add a small gap between the plywood and the insulation. It is too late for our Tiny House now, but if you’re about to embark on this stage of the build, I suggest that you do a little research to see what the current practices are for trailer sheathing.

In many ways, we were too early to the movement. There is no way we could have been privy to the mistakes that were discovered later on down the road. The Tumbleweed trailer has been perfected over the years as well. Remember, we received the first ever Tumbleweed trailer. They no longer weld the seams underneath the trailer. This is a good thing because if some water was to get underneath our floorboards and into our insulation, it would have nowhere to go. For all we know, there could be mold under our floorboards. I don’t even like to think about it.

We were your lab rats, testing out the processes for you! You’re welcome. All that being said, it has been four years, and so far so good (as far as we know). Fingers crossed.


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