Front Wall Sheathing

Front Wall Sheathing

After wrapping up today’s BBBBq, I noticed that I never posted an article about sheathing our front wall!

Some people have been asking why the window openings weren’t cut out before putting the sheets up. Well when you sheath a wall, you can go either way. Doing the cutouts before is theoretically easier but I have a history of getting my measurements all wrong; which, now that I’m thinking about it, might be the real reason why I quit my job as an engineer.

For those of you who wondering, cutting out the windows after sheathing is in fact pretty simple. All you have to do is drill a hole in each corner of the rough opening, draw a line between those holes and cut it with a circular saw! Not that much to it. Just wait until I get to it and find a way to mess it up…

Here’s one thing I can tell you after all that sheathing: the most fun part is drawing squiggly lines with Liquid Nails!


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