Strapping, Sheathing, Framing & Being Stupid

Strapping, Sheathing, Framing & Being Stupid

I only remember two things from last Sunday’s BBBBq.

1. The amazing working team.

2. The grilled veggies and sausage dish that we served as a thank you!

And that’s about it. The rest is kind of a blur since we had so many people helping (a little like the previous BBBBq). On the other hand, having so many “Tiny Slaves” allowed me to run around doing something I hope I’m better at than building: taking pictures!

Risking It All For The Shot!

So I’ll just go through the shots to refresh my pathetic memory.

Oh it’s coming back now! My brother Justin, his girlfriend Chloé, and Jenna placed reinforcing straps on the back wall.

Tiny Slaves!

Their arms were ridiculously tired from the continuous and sometimes awkward hammering. Meanwhile, our friend Dawn was preparing the sheathing for the dormers:

Marking with the Chalk Line

Then Phil and Jonathan showed up… with beer… and turned this Build, Beer, and Barbecue closer to what Andrew from Tiny r(E)volution would prefer: Beer, Barbecue… and maybe Build!

Regardless of beer sipping, we still put Jonathan and Phil to work! For peace of mind, they filled some gaps in the framing with wood epoxy.

Aaron was also there, he started cutting 2×4’s to frame the back of the loft.

And Gabe worked on attaching the walls to the trailer (FINALLY!), using the HDU5 Holddowns.

Yes Gabe, You’re Doing a Good Job

Jenna was running around getting the food ready and helping wherever possible. She also made it clear that we need a ladder soon for her to get up and down from the loft!

Gabe: “I’ll catch you!” Jenna: “Haha! Yeah, but no thanks”
She’s Contemplating Using the Ladder Instead

Jonathan and Phil left early and missed out on the delicious food Jenna prepared. The night ended with the group enjoying beer, laughing, and sharing stories.

Time For Bed!

Here are all of the remaining pictures of that memorable day (that I couldn’t remember).

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles,


Jon, Always Ready for the Ladies



  1. Rebecca Spesard
    November 21, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    Jenna, lov the nod to charlies angels. I will buy you a ladder when dad and i come to visit. Cause i will need it too! Haha. Lov reading about it. Mom

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