Wood Stain

Wood Stain

It’s not easy to pick the perfect wood stain, particularly when you are “designing on the fly.” In fact we procrastinated for so long, we had to stain our window trim AFTER it was hung! Once again, defying gravity and making our build just a little more complicated. 

Guillaume and I chose redwood for our trim, mostly because it’s a weather-friendly wood that is readily available at Home Depot. Redwood can come in a variety of grades, going from a solid heartwood to a swirly rustic sapwood.  Our redwood was more on the cheaper side, and therefore had inconsistent coloring. Not to worry, many find this look to be appealing. In fact Molecule Tiny Homes has even used the swirly redwood to design their eye-catching siding:

But, knowing that our siding was going to be very textured, we wanted to pick a stain that would create fluidity and reduce complexity in our trim. That meant choosing a few testers that would simplify the colors but still showcase the grain. Semi-translucent stains, we were advised, would do just that! See our test below:

wood stain

After much debate, we chose barn red as it seemed to harmonize best with the redwood. What do you think?

Window Trim - 0025

Build Tip:

Apply stain with a foam brush or shop towel. Do not use a regular paint brush, or you will risk seeing each and every stroke you apply. You can use q-tips for hard to reach areas. Apply a thin, even layer over your wood. Allow 5-15 minutes for the stain to set, and then wipe off excess with a dry towel. Let sit for an additional 8 hours. Be careful to wear gloves, stain is unforgiving on the skin. 

Check back soon to see if our barn red trim flows with our siding.

Choose wisely….



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