New Haven, CT: White Clam Za & Open House

New Haven, CT: White Clam Za & Open House

Tick tock, tick tock! Boston to Charlotte. Tick tock. Six Days. Tick tock. 863 miles.

Most of the time our tiny house travel motto is: “Let’s play it by ear.” Guillaume and I prefer not to plan too far ahead when it comes to traveling with the tiny house. We move slow. 300 miles a day is a BIG day. But occasionally, we have an event that dictates our schedule. That was the case for the Tumbleweed workshop in Charlotte on November 7th.

In between Boston and Charlotte, there’s A LOT to see. We hated to rush it, but our wood stove installation kept us from departing Boston until November 1st, leaving us only six days to get to Charlotte, North Carolina. We needed to burn rubber!

Stove hearth? Maybe… #workinprogress #kimberly #unforgetablefire #tinyhousegj

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We were traveling south on the 90 through Massachusetts and making good time, when we received a tweet from one of our followers: “@tinyhouseGJ can you pull over? I’ve always wanted to see inside a tiny house!”

This isn’t out of the ordinary. Our tiny home has a sign over the bumper displaying our project name “Tiny House Giant Journey.” A quick google search will bring curious drivers to our website, twitter, youtube, etc. Often while on the road, we’re tagged in photos. We think it’s a pretty fantastic way for us to document our journey! Check out a few: 

Even though we were in a hurry, we responded to the tweet and pulled off at the next rest stop. A quick five minute tour made this guy’s day, and ours.

Social media has been very kind to us. In the days leading up to our departure from Boston, we received a bunch of requests for an open house stop in Connecticut. One Facebooker sealed the deal with mentioning that a local New Haven pizza joint was recently voted “Best Pizza in America” by the Daily Meal. Bingo! We posted a quick parking request on our Facebook page, and the kindly Jenn Stockwell offered her driveway just north of New Haven for the evening. Thanks Jenn!

We arrived at Jenn’s just before sunset. The entire Stockwell family greeted us and took a private tour. The kids were all grins, as big sister helped little brother climb into the loft. 

Wooster Street, New Haven
Wooster Street, New Haven

Frank Pepe Pizza

King Kong visits Pepe's #newhaven #conneticut #woosterstreet #pizza #frankpepe #whiteclampizza

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That evening Guillaume and I headed downtown to taste the “Best pizza in America.”  Frank Pepe’s pizza pies are made from an 80 year old Italian recipe and cooked in a brick oven. The crust is thin, seasoned and crisp. We were warned by our hosts that there is usually a line around the block, but because it was a rainy night, we only waited 20 minutes.

Frank Pepe Pizza
Satisfied Customer
Frank Pepe Pizza
White Clam with bacon (award winner, Left) and Original Tomato Pie (Right)

One tomato pie and and one white clam pizza later, Guillaume and I were stuffed and content. If I’m being honest, I preferred the slice of artichoke and truffle pizza I had in New York. But Pepe’s white clam was definitely unique and I can see why it’s considered “the best.”

The following morning we held an open house in Jenn’s driveway. I was shocked by the amount of people that showed up on a chilly, New England Sunday morning. Who knew there were so many tiny house enthusiasts in Connecticut? It was fantastic!

New Haven Open House

We met Luise and Sean who are currently building a tiny house with a gable roof (pretty unique)! They have an Australian Shepherd, which is the same breed as Salies. The dogs immediately bonded, and so did their human owners.

Luise from Runaway Shanty. Photo credit: Runaway Shanty
Luise from Runaway Shanty visiting our tiny home . Photo credit: Runaway Shanty
australian shep
Photos of Luise & Sean pup and Salies. Photo credit: Runaway Shanty

Another couple with a similar tiny house interior aesthetic to ours showed up, and we gushed over their photographs. One visitor shared photos of her tiny home in construction, which is being built on a hay wagon, making three tiny homes soon to be in the area! Yet a forth tiny house was revealed later, being built only a few blocks away from where we were parked!  Connecticut tiny housers unite!!!

New Haven Open House

Around 10:30am we started making our way south. Can you guess where we stopped next? Here’s a hint: Boneyard.






  1. Carmen
    January 24, 2015 / 9:40 am

    I am so excited about building a little tiny house. My husband and I plan to retire soon and we are thinking about building a tiny house so we can travel around. My only concern is the gas expense. How much gas to you spend per mile?

    • User Avatar January 24, 2015 / 9:59 am

      Awesome! We spend about $0.45 per mile in diesel. If you add insurance, depreciation, maintenance, tires and such, you quickly get to $1-$1.20 per mile. We get about 10mpg driving 50mph

  2. December 8, 2014 / 7:43 pm

    I don’t know if you guys will be near morgantown, wv but just in case you are more than welcome to park in our driveway. We would love to see your awesome house! Keep up the great posts!
    If you want the latest of where we are, it’s best to follow us on our Facebook page, our one the “where are we” page

    • User Avatar December 8, 2014 / 8:11 pm

      Thanks Greg, that’s very nice of you! Unfortunately, we already passed that area and are headed away. Thanks again though!

  3. Jenna
    December 8, 2014 / 12:12 pm

    As someone who attended that Charlotte workshop, Thank you!

  4. December 8, 2014 / 11:50 am

    You Are Such AMAZING People!!! I Love The Pics Of The Dogs!! So Awesome To Hear That There Are So Many Interested People Who Love Tiny Houses And That They Are Actually Bldg Tiny Houses!! 🙂 Wish You Would Come To The North Side Of Columbus, Ohio!!! We Would Love To Meet You, And See Your Tiny Home!! 🙂 We Are In Talks Right Now With Steve From LIL Lodges…So Excited!!! Can’t Wait To Actually Have ALL The Money Together To Get This Done!! I Am SO READY For The TINY HOUSE Living Chapter Of My Life To Start!! Hoping The Rest Of Your GIANT Journey Goes AMAZINGLY Well!!
    Safe Travels…
    BJ & Stephen Miller

    • User Avatar December 8, 2014 / 2:18 pm

      Thank you and we’re glad you enjoy our adventures so much! Unfortunately though, we already went through Ohio a little while back. We might not make it back there anytime soon 🙁

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