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Richmond, VA: SIPs & Tiny Lighthouses

Richmond, VA: SIPs & Tiny Lighthouses
THGJ Richmond Open House
Thank you to our overnight parking – Unity Christ Church of Bon Air

Tick tock, tick tock! Guillaume and I were still in a big rush to make it to Charlotte for the Tumbleweed workshop on November 7th, so, like our stop in New Haven, we had to breeze through Richmond. I guess that means we’ll have to come back!

Our overnight in Richmond was short and sweet, very sweet. We were lucky to have Thom from Timber Trails.TV organizing an open house and overnight parking for us. And this open house was very special, because there would be not one, not two, but THREE tiny homes present!

Seth Numrich, an actor from AMC’s TURN, is currently building a tiny home from SIPS, and he brought his beautiful work-in-progress to our open house. I always think it’s beneficial for people to see the innards of a tiny house. With Seth’s house and our house side by side, attendees were able to visualize the “before” and “after” of tiny house construction. Really helpful for anyone planning to build!

Seth’s House & Tiny House GJ / Photo credit:

Thom also brought his teeny-tiny-house-on-wheels in progress, which is so adorable it makes me want to pinch its cheeks… if the tiny home had cheeks…

Lil' Rustico
Lil’ Rustico

The “Lil’ Rustico” is modeled off of a picturesque lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, called (you guessed it) the Rustico.

North Rustico Lighthouse

Thom is building the “Lil’ Rustico” as a weekend getaways tiny home, or camper.

Lil' Rustico
Lil” Rustico Design

After the open house, a bunch of us went to grab some grub nearby. It was a night of plentiful food, colorful conversation and culminated with an impromptu magic show!

THGJ Richmond Open House
The Dinner Crew!

Since our short visit in Richmond, we’ve been following Thom and Seth’s build on Facebook. It’s so fun to see progress! Keep up the good work guys.

Next up – we finally make it to Charlotte!





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