Charlotte, NC: Open Houses & Burnt Ends

Charlotte, NC: Open Houses & Burnt Ends

We made it!!! We pulled into the hotel parking lot just in time for the Charlotte Tumbleweed workshop on November 7th. Whew, we could breathe easy.

Charlotte Tumbleweed Workshop, November 2014

Immediately after parking and setting up, Guillaume and I headed downtown with fellow workshop hosts Art and Eddie to feed our faces at Charlotte’s food truck Fridays. If you remember from our Washington D.C. post, Guillaume and I are big fans of food trucks.

The workshop went well, and a handful of the attendants stayed out late with Guillaume, Art, Eddie and I for dinner out and a few drinks in the tiny house.


While in Charlotte we met Rob and Kelly, a local couple in the midst of building their own tiny house AND renovating an old bus. Commence photoshoot with our new tiny house friends in 3…….. 2……. 1…. (for theme music click here).

Tiny House Life - 0004 Tiny House Life - 0003 Tiny House Life - 0002

Tiny House Life - 0001

Did you notice Kelly and Rob’s joists and loft flooring? They are coated with tung oil, which protects and highlights the wood beautifully.

After the workshop ended, and we bid goodbye to Art, Eddie and the attendees, Kelly and Rob graciously offered us a parking spot at their auto business. So we stayed in Charlotte a few extra days.

THGJ and Tiny House Life - 0003
Our house, Kelly & Rob’s renovated bus, and Kelly & Rob’s tiny house (look inside the shop)

With all of these tiny house projects at our fingertips, we decided to have a SECOND OPEN HOUSE in Charlotte. Rob grilled delicious burgers and hot dogs, while interested tiny house hopefuls explored 1). our house, 2). Kelly and Rob’s partially renovated old bus, and 3). Kelly and Rob’s tiny house in construction. It was like going through three different exhibits at an alternative lifestyle museum!

Charlotte open house at Kelly & Rob’s
Charlotte, NC on November 11th, 2014
Charlotte open house at Kelly & Rob’s
THGJ and Tiny House Life - 0002
Charlotte open house at Kelly & Rob’s

The next few days in Charlotte are, admittedly, a bit of a blur. I remember we ate delicious BBQ at Midwood Smokehouse. The brisket and burnt ends were to die for!

THGJ Charlotte Midwood Smokehouse - 0002

And we sampled french deserts at Amelies. The eclair and tarts impressed Guillaume (not an easy task when it comes to French food).

THGJ Charlotte Amelie's - 0002 THGJ Charlotte Amelie's - 0005 THGJ Charlotte Amelie's - 0006

And we relaxed. Sometimes we forget to do that: relax. Charlotte was our time to catch up and chill out.

Guillaume and I even went to a double-feature at the movies! We do not have a television in the tiny house, and being a movie-nut in my former life (as I tend to call it now), I was feeling a tad guilty about my lack of in-vogue film knowledge. But two movie screenings in one day!?! Aside from film festivals, I haven’t done that since I was an angsty teen! It’s amazing how much more time I have now that I live in a tiny house. My world has completely opened up for fun afternoons such as these.

Next up: The land of tiny homes…. can you guess where several tiny housers call home??

– Jenna



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    Sending Love from Lexington, NC.

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    Absolutely love your updates. Thanks so much!

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