World’s Largest Tree House

World’s Largest Tree House

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Okay so this isn’t really a tiny house, but it is freaking awesome!!!

 Our TINY home had to me the world’s LARGEST tree house!

After Thanksgiving we left Gatlinburg and headed west with our tiny house in tow. I was twiddling my thumbs in the passenger seat of our truck, googling various fun or unusual stops along the interstate. We hadn’t seen a really good roadside attraction since the “World’s Largest Axe” in New Brunswick.

As if by luck, I found out we were going to be passing right by the “World’s Largest Tree House!” BINGO!

History of the World’s Largest Tree House:

The “Minister’s Tree House” is located in Crossville, Tennessee and was built by a Horace Burgess, a minister who says he was inspired by God. The build began in 1993 and continued for twenty years. This gargantuan tree house is now over 10,000 square feet! Definitely NOT tiny and definitely NOT built to code.

A Few Highlights:

  • Multiple ground floor entrances
  • A clear roofing material covers the canopy of the tree house, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior
  • At the epicenter of the tree house, there’s a beautiful chapel
  • There’s one room filled with dozens of gorgeous hand-carved religious statues
  • A swing hangs from one of the highest points of the tree house, but allows you to swing a few feet above the ground
  • The top of floor features a large church bell
  • There’s dozens of hidden rooms and passageways

A Video Tour Inside the World’s Largest Tree House:

Video tour courtesy of oxfordamerica

Unfortunately, the State Fire Marshall closed the tree house to the public due to it not meeting building codes. It’s very sad, and many members of the community have been trying to “fix” the tree house to meet local codes. Like all unusual DIY structures of its kind, the World’s Largest Tree House is at the mercy of location officials. Read more on that here.

BUT did we go inside and explore? Well, that’s classified.



  1. Beth a Diller
    September 14, 2018 / 8:28 am

    so beautiful, I pray they get it opened up,closer to God in there, Amen

  2. Paul White
    December 24, 2014 / 11:25 am

    Merry Christmas, you two!!! Thank you for the updates on your travel across the country. Stay safe, have a blessed Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

    Paul and Gina White
    Bentonville, AR

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