Sam’s Tree House

Sam’s Tree House

We found another radical tree house behind an unsuspecting Mexican restaurant in Calhoun, Georgia. On further research, this treehouse was named “Sam’s Tree House.” Unlike the World’s Largest Tree House, Sam’s house seemed to have many liveable compartments made from scrap (including: a plane, a helicopter, a boat, and a submarine movie prop).

THGJ Sams' Treehouse - 0004
Sam’s Tree House side view with helicopter and submarine!

I tried calling the “tree house phone line” (a number I found online) to speak with Sam and possibly take a tour. It went something like this:

Ring… Ring… Ring.. click! “This is the tree house. Leave a message,” said a deep voice.

And then, a robot recited: “This voicemail box is full. Goodbye.” Click!

So we circled around the exterior of the shanty-tree house, trying to be inconspicuous. It was dusk, but the tree house was illuminated. I’m pretty sure someone is living in there. And then, my suspicions were confirmed when a large dog appeared on the tree house balcony, growling and making threatening noises.

THGJ Sams' Treehouse - 0003

Biography of Sam Isaac Edwards: 

“Sam wears the label ‘Renaissance Man’ like a second skin. He is a true bohemian; a man who is not only a gifted writer, but a humorist who will have you grabbing your belly with great frequency. He is a man who has lived on his own terms, not those dictated by society. He flies hang-gliders and ultra-lights, canoes whitewater rivers, scuba dives, explores caves, drives race cars; he’s been a janitor, a truck driver, an actor, a law student, a disc jockey, a cook, a producer, a carpenter, a soldier, and an aide to two of the most famous men in our country; President Jimmy Carter and Senator John Glenn. Edwards has grabbed hold of those great parts of life that most of us will only dream about.” (biography courtesy of Sam’s website)

So obviously, Sam is an interesting man. I wish we could’ve met, had a cup of tea and discussed our respective shanty-homes. Instead we obeyed the command of Sam’s dog “Piranha” (or so I named him), and left without knocking on the door and disturbing the resident. Poor Sam was probably sitting down to dinner and didn’t want company. After all, he didn’t answer the phone.

THGJ Sams' Treehouse - 0002

I will say that the house was extraordinary and obviously built from the inner workings of a creative mind.

A Few Highlights from Sam’s Tree House:

  • Has a kitchen, bathroom, library, living room and at least two bedrooms
  • One bedroom is located in the airplane and another in the ski boat
  • The highest part of the structure is 25 feet tall
  • One publication noted that Sam lives with seven wild cats and keeps a metal leg brace on the wall for decoration

Who knows if it’s true? I guess we’ll have to wait for the book he’s writing on the subject.




  1. Kelly Sperow
    May 9, 2020 / 7:30 pm

    I’d love to see it. Oh, and his dogs name is “Pig”! Lmbo

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