John’s Artsy House Truck

John’s Artsy House Truck

We were driving down the interstate and Guillaume happened to glance over at a nearby gas station.“Whoa! What was that?!?” For once, WE were the rubberneckers! Immediately, we turned around and raced back to meet John and his Artsy House Truck. John is a pretty chill dude. He makes his own agenda and has been nomadic for a little over a year. When we met him, he had just spent a week soaking in a hot spring outside of Death Valley, completely off-grid. Not a bad life!

We asked if we could film a tour of his artsy House Truck & he agreed! Check it out:

This Artsy House Truck was hand-crafted by John himself. Every splinter of wood has an interesting story; He’s constantly updating his home with talismans from his travels. “It will probably look completely different in a year,” he mentioned. Most of the materials he used to create the House Truck are reclaimed, including the windows and the wood burning stove.

“I like antiques,” he told me. “But they require maintenance.”

Aside from being a full time traveler, John is also a painter, tattoo artist, jewelry maker and photographer. We purchased an intricate necklace that John made, creating a memory that I can wear around my neck! Guillaume considered getting a tattoo as well, but I urged him to wait until the next time we meet John on the road. Sometimes, we can be a little too spontaneous!

John’s Artsy House Truck marks the first House Truck we’ve toured! Pretty cool after seeing our first traveling tiny house (aside from our own) only a few days prior.

Who will we meet next on our travels???


*Follow John on Instagram for beautiful photography of his House Truck and his travels



  1. mitzithedog
    April 4, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    Wanted to share a blog friends info with you. Mitzi the dog blogs with a Siamese cat that lives on a boat in Italy. The couple is about your age and I sent them your blog link. This is theirs. They even did a book last year. The cat is very funny. Living on a boat is tiny too.

  2. mitzithedog
    April 4, 2015 / 12:10 pm

    I was surprised to see how many people were in your home at one time on the tour. I’m sure we 5 dogs could fit in there with my human mom. (I will have to work on her)

  3. mitzithedog
    March 31, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    Thank you Sallies I added Amazon to my favorites from your link above. I will push my human to help your cause. If I can get her to pry loose of cash where do we send it?

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