Russ’s Radical Gypsy Wagon

Russ’s Radical Gypsy Wagon


About a month ago we met Russ Prior at the 2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland. As you might remember, he offered us a parking spot on his gorgeous timber farm near Mt. Rainier and we spent a week relaxing in his 400 square foot log cabin. When it came time for us to visit Seattle, Russ came to our rescue once again, offering us parking in his driveway next to his Radical Gypsy Wagon.

Russ has lead a pretty amazing life. After high school, he decided to bike across the United States. He remembers sleeping in churches and on couches, relying on the kindness of strangers for shelter and showers. Today Russ continues to pay that kindness forward by gifting two nomadic tiny housers (us) parking, electricity and wifi for a few days.

Russ lived in the cabin on his timber farm for a few years and built the Gypsy Wagon as an overflow bedroom for guests. His tiny wagon includes: a twin bed, sitting area, folding desk / table, closet, chest of drawers, speaker system and a breathtaking wood sink. Russ handmade almost everything in his Gypsy Wagon, from the windows to the light fixtures to the cushions. As an ode to his log cabin – “SKYO” – the back window has a glass artistic depiction of the property.

Obviously, Russ is a talented wood worker (he hand carved those serpents)! In his spare time, he creates gorgeous wood bowls from the scrap wood he collects from his timber farm. Take my word for it, these bowls are gorgeous works of art! At the 2015 Tiny House Conference, hundreds of people complimented the Gypsy Wagon’s tiny wood sink. So, Russ thinks he might start making those as well. Who wants one??

Russ's Gypsy Wagon - 0008

Like us, Russ has plans for upgrades to his tiny abode, such as converting the bench into an additional twin bed.

Here’s a question: Is a tiny house ever finished? My answer: No, a tiny house evolves.




  1. armadillozack
    July 22, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    I love the direction he took when he built his tiny Gypsy wagon.. I love the fact he didn’t cover the walls in paint and the fact that he designed and lathed his own sink was just over the top… OK…! I have to stop because I’m just killing myself as I wanted one of these for so long, and I’m just not going to find one that someone is willing to sell in my price range, so I’m going to have to build one my self… I hope to do half as good a job as Russ has done, and i will still be a happy man… Great Job Russ….!

  2. June 20, 2016 / 6:38 pm

    I need a smaller tiny house so I can use it for camping. I haven’t camped in 14yrs. since my husband passed away. At 68 I want to get back into the swing of things. I’ve looked at Tear-drop, scamps and even thought of a used VW van. God they are all very expensive. I live on a very limited income as he died at 58 yrs. old. Next year I will finally have the house paid off. YIPPY! I could assist by handing you the wood and hammer but that’s about it. By the way you did a great job with yours. I’m to old for tent camping!

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