Seattle, WA: Free Sightseeing & Tiny House Adventures

Seattle, WA: Free Sightseeing & Tiny House Adventures

The sun setting in the back of the Seattle Space Needle

Seattle is the farthest north the tiny house has ever been. She’s a sunshine child and has hardly ever encountered harsh weather – the most unpleasant being the ice storm we went through in Texas. Luckily, it’s summer in Washington and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. I would even go as far as saying “perfect.” We planned our trip well!

Lake Desire - 0005

Once again, we lucked out on parking and were able to spend a few weeks in this picturesque spot behind our host’s house. The Whitmore’s are a family of carpenter’s and they specialize in whimsical staircases. We soon learned, they also have a talent for making homemade bread and pizza!

Lake Desire - 0003

The Whitmore’s property sits next to a small lake, and Guillaume and I were able to entertain ourselves by hiking, swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding!

Guillaume celebrated his birthday while we were in Seattle. We went in town for lunch at Tilikum Place Cafe, indoor skydiving and enjoyed dinner and brewskis at Berliner Pub. He’s very mature for a 31 year old, don’t you think?

Having never been to Seattle, my first tourist stop was the famous Pike’s Place Market. It was so entertaining just walking through the crowded outdoor alleyways. Cheers erupted from a fishmonger stand as a giant slimy cod was tossed into the arms of a nervous customer. Aromas of fruit and flowers filled the air. Street music echoed against the vendor’s booths. Free samples were offered from friendly merchants.

I climbed further and further down into the market’s underground levels, getting lost in a maze of boutique shops offering unique items.

Interested in obscure used book? Visit Lion Heart Bookstore. I immediately knew I was in love with this book store when the owner suggested I read Into the Wild, Under the Banner of Heaven and The Road. Hardly ever do I truly appreciate book recommendations, but David actually spent a few minutes asking me questions about my life and was able to read my literary taste like, well, a book! He also sang and smiled as he manned the cash register. You have to appreciate someone who loves their job.

Pikes Place Market - 0010
David, the owner of Lion Heart Bookstore

After purchasing The Road at Lionheart (a book that I finished in one day and then donated), I walked around the Space Needle opting not to spend the mullah to go up. A few days later Guillaume and I got to see a bird’s-eye view of the city from Kerry Park with fellow tiny housers: Chris and Malissa Tack. Check back soon for a full tour of their tiny house.

Kerry Park - 0002
Kerry Park at Sunset

FREE (or cheap) activities in Seattle:

  • Fremont Troll. Every city has something weird lurking in the shadows, but Seattle takes their token oddity to another level with an 18 foot concrete troll sculpture hiding under the George Washington Memorial Bridge. We, of course, took the mandatory tourist photo.

Seattle Troll - 0001

  • Kubota GardenA donation based garden on the outskirts of Seattle. I spent one afternoon walking the dog on the paths and around the ponds. This park is surprisingly large and beautiful. A great little spot for a picnic.

Botanical Gardens

  • Marymoor Dog Park & Audubon Birding TrailHands down the best off-leash dog park we have ever been to. Marymoor offers an enormous off-leash area with water access for pups to play and get dirty! At the entrance there’s even a dog wash area and an espresso cart. I’ve found you can’t go too far in Seattle without running into a coffee shop. The park also offers an excellent bird trail with a lot of activity. I spotted tree swallows, killdeer, red-winged blackbirds, wood ducks, hawks, eagles, a peregrine falcon and dozens of blue herons.

Marymoor Birding Trail

  • Ballard Farmer’s Market. On Sundays the town of Ballard has an unbelievable farmer’s market. Guillaume and I shared a Seattle-style hotdog – a hot dog with cream cheese and cooked onions, which was surprisingly delicious!

We noticed two men sitting with typewriters offering to “write an original poem” for tips. I paid $5 for a poem about “my tiny house,” came back 30 minutes later and received this delightful poem. I think I’ll have it framed.

  • The “UP” House. Have you seen the animated film “UP” about the old man who refused to sell his house? Well the real deal sits in Seattle. The home’s elderly owner refused an offer of $1 million back in 2006 from a retail developer, forcing them to build a monstrously ugly shopping mall around the 1500 square foot lot. The house’s owner became a local heroine but passed away in 2008. Her proud (but now neglected) home still stands, surrounded by department stores and office buildings. Visitors hang balloons and write messages to honor her cherished house. Unfortunately, the once famous house is now for sale and will probably be demolished.

Up House

I wish we could attach enough balloons to the Seattle “UP” house so it could fly away on an adventure, like in the film.

UP movie

But houses can’t go on adventures in the real world….

Tiny House Up

. . . OR CAN THEY?

NEXT ON OUR ROUTE: We cross the border, AGAIN!



  1. June 15, 2015 / 12:11 am

    A classic entry. I love the Up! Tiny House

  2. Jo-Anne
    June 14, 2015 / 6:52 pm

    Does that mean you’re coming to Surrey? We are just across the border at Blaine. Would be nice to see this tiny house in person after following its adventures.

    • User Avatar June 14, 2015 / 7:09 pm

      Awww, we’ve already driven through Vancouver and hosted an open house event… We’re already in Whistler and heading north. Sorry about that! Our posts are always a couple weeks behind as it takes a while to edit the videos, process the photos and write them up. Sorry for the confusion.

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