Camping in British Columbia

Camping in British Columbia
Sea To Sky Highway - 0009
Tiny House GJ dry camping in a Provincial Park

Camping in British Columbia

In the United States, we’ve gotten used to either parking on private land or camping in privately owned campgrounds. British Columbia offers private campgrounds, provincial park campgrounds and recreational sites. Camping at rest stops is not allowed.

  • Private campgrounds, as in the USA, offer all the amenities and are the most expensive option. Ranging from $25 – $45. If you do not have the capability to be off-grid, these campgrounds may be your best option.
  • Provincial Park Campgrounds. $18 a night for dry camping – no hook ups or sewage dumps. Usually they have pit toilets, trash bins and some have a communal water spigot (although you should boil the water to ensure purity).
  • Recreational Sites are free, but are usually more difficult to access, especially with a 13’6″ tall tiny house! Recreational sites offer pit toilets and fire pits. Trash must be packed out and potable water is not available.
  • Wal-Mart allows free RV overnight parking in Canada as well as in the USA.

Whenever possible we camped in BC’s free Recreational Sites to save money and because we wanted the rugged experience. Often the Recreational Campsites were extremely scenic, unpopulated and offered fishing!

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  1. Ira Alexandra
    September 19, 2022 / 4:10 pm

    Which company made your tiny home so that it could travel so easily? I am looking for one that can be used like an RV

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