Camping in the Yukon Territory

Camping in the Yukon Territory

Tatchun Creek Campground - 0002

Camping in the Yukon Territory

As we did with British Columbia, below are a few options for tiny house camping “on Yukon time” – a popular phrase in the Yukon. I think “on Yukon time” means to be care free. Yukon residents are known for being late because of their laid back lifestyle. They fish “on Yukon time” and camp “on Yukon time.” I like that. So, if I’m right… we’ll be tiny house traveling “on Yukon time.”

Fox Lake Yukon Government Campgrounds
Fox Lake Yukon Government Campground / “Perky Mog” Expedition Vehicle & Tiny House GJ

Greywater/Blackwater in the Yukon

In the Yukon, you will never see a campsite with a sewer and you will rarely see a dump station. Dumping greywater anywhere but an allocated dump station is illegal. You must have a holding tank for your grey and black water. Often you have to pay to dump your tanks, so take note of the nearest dump stations on your route.

Camping in the Yukon – Options for Tiny Homes

  • Private campgrounds, as in the USA and British Columbia, offer the most amenities (water and power hookups). They are also the most expensive and ugliest campsites in the Yukon. Expect a glorified dirt parking lot with neighboring campsites only a few yards away. This might be a generalization, but it’s what we encountered. Some private campgrounds offer Wifi, laundromats and dump stations. Prices range from $25 – $45 a night. If you need hookups (water and electric) these campgrounds are your best option.
  • Yukon Government Campgrounds. Beautifully maintained campgrounds are provided all along the Alaska and Klondike Highways by the Yukon government. Locals often utilize these campgrounds on the weekends, so go early to secure a spot. These sites are dry camping only (no hookups). All offer large level parking spots and free firewood. Highly sought after spots are located next to a creek or lake, so you can fish right from your campsite! All Yukon Government campsites are $12 per night. Limit stay to 14 nights in a 30 day period at each government campground.
  • Wal-Mart offers free overnight parking in Whitehorse. When we went, there were many many RVers taking advantage of this.

Whenever possible we camped in the Yukon Government Campgrounds. These are some of the most scenic campgrounds we’ve stayed at yet! They’re affordable and, unlike many of the free Recreational Campsites in British Columbia, offer easy access to the highway. I was very impressed. Of course, we can be off-grid with our solar system, greywater and freshwater tank, composting toilet, propane refrigerator and wood stove. If we needed to do laundry or hook up for power on a rainy day, we stayed at a private campground.

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  1. Mike H.
    July 20, 2015 / 6:12 am

    I was up in Dawson 2 years ago. I should have warned you about the “campground” in town. Don’t forget to stop at Watson Lake and leave your mark in the Sign Post Forest. Currently building my trailer in Calgary. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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