Tiny House Calendar 2016

Tiny House Calendar 2016

In collaboration with eleven other tiny home owners across the United States, we’ve created the 2016 Tiny House Calendar!


There are countless amazing tiny homes and owners with inspirational stories throughout the United States. The tiny house movement isn’t just about one dream or vision, it is something completely different for each and every home owner. Each of the twelve tiny housers featured in this calendar opened their doors and their hearts.

 You will be charmed not only by these tiny spaces,

but also by the people who call them home.

January: The Pinafore: A Whimsical Gothic Tiny Home / February: Life in 120 Square Feet / March: Lina’s Lucky Penny Tiny Home / April: The Tiny Tack House / May: Vina’s Tiny Home / June: John’s Adventure House Truck / July: Brittany’s Bayside Bungalow  / August: Anita’s Lilypad Tiny Home / September: Macy’s Mini Motives / October: Karin’s Serenity Tiny Home / November: Art’s Tiny Home / December: Tiny House Giant Journey (that’s us!)

ALL proceeds from the Tiny House Calender

will be donated to tiny homes for the homeless!

Om villiage

Occupy Madison tiny homes for the homeless

We will be donating ALL PROFITS from the 2016 Tiny House Calendar to the following tiny homes for the homeless communities:

opportunity village

Photo courtesy of SquareOne Villages (taken at tiny house for homeless shelter “Opportunity Village” in Oregon)

How to Purchase

Choose one of our four 2016 Tiny House Calendars for your holiday gift. The only difference is the amount you wish to donate:

  1. Tiny Houses 2016 ($25) Charity Calendar $4.83 will be donated to charity
  2. Tiny Houses 2016 ($30) Charity Calendar$9.55 will be donated to charity
  3. Tiny Houses 2016 ($35) Charity Calendar $14.34 will be donated to charity
  4. Tiny Houses 2016 ($40) Charity Calendar$19.08 will be donated to charity


We also created a TINY HOUSE LANDSCAPE calendar, which features our tiny house in a variety of beautiful landscapes across the United States and Canada. By purchasing this calendar for $30, you’ll be helping to support this blog. PURCHASE HERE.


Purchase the Tiny House Landscape calendar to support this blog


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