Laura & Rory’s Little Blue Vancouver Tiny House

Laura & Rory’s Little Blue Vancouver Tiny House

Laura and Rory’s tiny home is one of the most well-thought spaces we’ve seen yet! Their gambrel roofline expands the interior living space without compromising aesthetic. Read on for personal stories, photographs and a video tour of this gorgeous Vancouver tiny house.

“The size of a tiny house is great to take on when you don’t have any build experience.” – Laura

Vancouver Tiny HouseVancouver Tiny House

Vancouver’s housing market has skyrocketed in recent years, causing residents to look into alternatives. Laura and Rory decided to design and build a tiny house as an affordable alternative to purchasing a standard home in the city. After building for one year, they began the search for their ideal parking location.

After advertising on Craigslist, Laura and Rory found what they thought was the perfect parking spot in Vancouver. They moved in, but before long they received a “tiny house eviction.” A neighbor complained, and there seemed to be no easy solution. He wanted the tiny house gone, and Laura and Rory were forced to tow their tiny home away.

Watch the video tour:

After working so hard for their dream, a tiny house eviction is heartbreaking.

Luckily, everything worked out for the best for Laura and Rory. They found a new parking spot, located just south of downtown Vancouver. The location is private and surrounded by a blueberry farm! They have electrical and water hookups from the property’s main house. In return, they pay a small rental fee for the parking space.

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Vancouver Tiny House

Laura and Rory’s tiny house costs them $30,000 CAD in materials. For more on the reality of tiny house costs, click here.

Features of Laura & Rory’s Vancouver Tiny House:

  • Gambrel roof line, which expands the space
  • Custom trailer that allowed for building over the wheel wells
  • Stained glass window that was made by Rory’s Grandfather over 20 years ago
  • Convertible large couch with comfortable seating for four
  • Full shower stall, bathroom sink and DIY compost (Click here our favorite compost toilet)
  • Concrete kitchen countertop, custom made by Rory
  • Full refrigerator, stovetop, and oven
  • Office space
  • Compact washing machine that plugs into their kitchen sink. If interested, check out Haier washers here.
  • Custom storage staircase

Vancouver Tiny House

Vancouver Tiny House

Vancouver Tiny House

Laura and Rory’s advice for finding parking in Vancouver:

Talk about your tiny house with others. Conversations often turn into opportunities!

Get the word out! Tap into the local Tiny House community. Join online forums and attend local tiny house events in your area. Tiny housers have each other’s backs!

Advertise on Laura and Rory found their current parking spot by advertising online with photos of their adorable house.

Have a backup plan. Rory suggested having a list of alternative parking spaces, just in case.


Vancouver Tiny House

“It was always Rory’s dream to live in a one room house!” Laura chuckles. “And we did it!”

It’s been almost five months since Laura and Rory moved their tiny house to its new location on the blueberry farm. They’re finally able to enjoy their tiny house dream. So far, they’re loving it!

More info: Laura & Rory’s tiny house website



  1. April 6, 2019 / 4:20 am

    Oh Canada, I’m coming.. soon!! I lived in South America, all over Europe, Australia and next and last will be Canada. Your house is adorable and very practical. You seem very happy.

  2. Nancy Brown
    July 17, 2018 / 12:12 pm

    Love your tiny home…Love the barn style, and beautiful blue exterior. It is about what I want, but downstairs bedroom. It is beautiful, God Bless you both. Nancy from Txas

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