“Scarlett” Tiny House Rental at Mt Hood Tiny Village

Scarlett Tiny House

Take a tour of  “Scarlett Tiny House,” a farmhouse themed Tiny Home with sleeping room for five!

Scarlett Tiny House

Of the six Tiny Houses available for rent at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, Scarlett is my favorite. Why is that? I think Scarlett has the best design and layout of the rentals on the property. I also think she is the best Tiny House rental I’ve seen to accommodate multiple guests. After all, Scarlett offers comfortable sleeping for five people – which is almost unheard of in a 24 foot Tiny House! She does this by providing two spacious lofts and a twin bedroom on the ground floor. You heard me right: Scarlett has three bedrooms! 

For a vacation rental, Scarlett Tiny House offers a real solution for families.

Scarlett is a Tumbleweed Elm model, which means two of her precious 24 feet are consumed by a full-size porch.  I happen to love porches on Tiny Homes, so I’m okay with this. Not only does the porch and awning provide protection from weather, it’s also an awesome place to have a coffee and chill out!

Click here to watch my full video tour of “Scarlett”, click here!

Like all of the other Tiny House rentals at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, Scarlett has a theme. This redhead features farmhouse decor and a pseudo-feminine vibe. “Atticus Tiny House” has a sleek and modern interior design. “Lincoln” is the largest Tiny House available here on location, and he offers a cabin-like aesthetic.

Scarlett Tiny House

I still have three more tinies to show you here at the village, so stay tuned! Interested in booking a night? Click here.

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    I need a house please help me find one. Im living in a hotel

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