“Tiny Beach House” Available For Rent in Portland

Tiny Beach House

“The Tiny Beach House” at the Tiny Digs Hotel appears oddly spacious for its extremely small size. At only 16-feet long,  the large windows and white walls help to elongate the adorable dwelling, while a clever use of beach-themed decor keeps the aesthetic light and airy. The layout is also very functional, with all the creature comforts of a normal home, just on a smaller scale. This is one of the few 16-foot Tiny Houses I could actually see myself living in!

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“The Beach” is one of the most popular Tiny Houses for rent at the Tiny Digs Hotel. It’s the brightest, and (arguably) the most functional Tiny House on the property. If you are looking to Go Tiny one day, this rental will give you an accurate taste of the lifestyle. Little details, such as a mermaid handle and an eclectic vanity full of seashells, add charm. Whoever decorated the Tiny Digs Hotel did a wonderful job staying focused on the specific themes. A lot of love was put into these structures!

Tiny Beach HouseAs with all of the other Tiny Homes on the property, The Beach is connected to city sewer, power, and water. The owner of the Tiny Digs Hotel had to pull permits and get permission from the city of Portland, Oregon, before embarking on this project. One of the stipulations for approval was that they had to blacktop the entire parking lot. This was upsetting for the owners, Pam Westera and Allison Meyer, who had dreamed of a magical landscape. Instead, they added hammocks, a fire pit, and some interesting sculptures to the area. I think it still looks nice.

Tiny Beach House

The Kerns District, where the hotel is located, has several must-try restaurants. My favorites are Pambiche (Cuban Food) and Epif (Vegan / Latin American Food). So yummy!

Features of Tiny Beach House:

  • Small Kitchenette
  • Downstairs sleeping option – Futon
  • Eclectic Bathroom Sink / Vanity
  • Full-size shower
  • Loft w/ ship ladder staircase
  • Exterior Porch

Tiny Beach House

If you liked The Tiny Beach House, you may also want to check out my video tour and write up on “The Barn” Tiny House, parked at the same location.

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Tiny Beach House - Tiny House Giant Journey


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