Log Cabin Themed Tiny House

Tiny Log Cabin

Tiny Digs Hotel has six Tiny Houses available for rent on their property in downtown Portland, Oregon. I love visiting Tiny Digs in the summertime because they host events with live music, food trucks, and local beer /wine! The location is also wonderful because there are several amazing pubs, breweries, and restaurants within walking distance. But enough about the property! Today I wanted to share a video tour of the Tiny Digs’s “Tiny Log Cabin.”

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Tiny Log Cabin

Like all of the Tiny Houses on the property, the Tiny Log Cabin is only 16 feet long. But, somehow, it feels larger than the rest. I think this is thanks to the design – the width and height are built to the maximum legal limits (8’6″ and 13’16”).  The open interior layout and sparse belongings also help the Tiny Log Cabin to be a very livable (albeit tiny) space. Aside from “The Beach” Tiny House, I think it’s one of the best rentals at the hotel!

As you enter the Tiny Log Cabin, you are greeted with an exquisite staircase, carved from hefty logs. My first thought, as a nomadic Tiny Houser, was weight. But later I decided I the beauty of this element is worth the extra poundage. I made a similar choice with the reclaimed siding on my own Tiny House.  Tiny Log CabinTiny Log Cabin

With an electric fireplace, the Tiny Log Cabin feels super cozy!

My favorite part of the Tiny Log Cabin is the interior decorations. With exposed wood, metal dishware, and earthy fabrics, this Tiny House belongs in the woods! Imagine having a mobile cabin that you could put on a piece of property for weekend getaways or hunting/fishing excursions. The perfect retreat for outdoor enthusiasts!

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” – John Muir 

Tiny Log Cabin

Features of the Tiny Log Cabin

  • Kitchenette with hot plate
  • Folding dining table with seating for four
  • Loft with sleeping for two (plenty of headroom)
  • Staircase made from logs
  • Downstairs futon with sleeping for two
  • Full-size shower
  • Flush toilet
  • Porch (separate from the trailer)
  • Wall mounted fireplace – electric

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Tiny Mobile Log Cabin

Is the Tiny Log Cabin is the perfect design for you? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? 

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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