Tiny House Gifts for the Holidays

Tiny House Christmas Gifts

It’s time for the annual list of my favorite Tiny House Christmas gifts! As you probably know, it’s difficult to purchase items for minimalists. But it doesn’t have to be!  Like everyone else, we consume and cherish objects. We just do it in smaller, more thoughtful, quantities.

Below I’ve compiled a list of several awesome gifts for Tiny House people, including my favorite Tiny House themed gifts, books, consumables, and more!

Tiny House Themed Gifts

For the first time ever, I’ve actually started selling Tiny House handmade products, and I think they’re pretty cool! I now make Tiny House charm bracelets, necklaces, keychains, Christmas ornaments, and a 3D puzzle (which is a miniature model of my own Tiny House). You’ll also find a few other Tiny House Themed products below, such as t-shirts and wine!

Tiny House Books

There are so many great books written by Tiny Housers about downsizing, living tiny, and building a Tiny House. Below are a few of my favorites. For a full list of my favorite memoirs, coffee table, and instructional books click here.

Want more ideas for Tiny House Christmas gifts?

  • Build materials. If you know someone building a Tiny House, help them out by purchasing an appliance or gadget. You’ll find a wide range of prices, starting as low as $16.99.
  • Consumables. Local honey, homemade jams, candles and handmade soaps are some of my favorite gifts to receive. Check out these Etsy stores: Tiny House Apothecary and Front Porch Culture for consumables made by Tiny Housers!
  • Pet-friendly items. Personally, I also love it when someone buys me (or rather my dog) toys and treats. When my dog is happy, I’m happy!
  • Love. Not all gifts are tangible. Giving someone the gift of your time, compassion, and friendship is one of the most treasured gifts anyone can receive. A few examples include: shoveling someone’s driveway, cooking them dinner, or offering to babysit.

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    What about the Everbough Branch Holder to celebrate Christmas! 😉

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