Tiny Houses for Sale: Find The Perfect Small Home

tiny houses for sale

Nowadays there are a lot of options for finding Tiny Houses for sale. New and used, pre-built model or custom designed, the market is booming. So, whether you’re ready to buy or if you’re just a little curious, the below websites are some of my favorites for Tiny Home shopping.

5 Ways to Find Tiny Houses for Sale Online

1). Tiny House Marketplace

I’m not sure how long Tiny Home Builders have been offering this option on their website, but I only discovered it about a year ago. It’s quickly becoming my favorite resource for Tiny Houses for sale, as the functionality is extremely user-friendly. I really like the map function, which allows you to visualize the number of Tiny Houses for sale in your area. I also appreciate that even though they build their own Tiny Homes, they allow advertisements for all makes and models.

2). Tiny House Listings

This website has been around for a long time, and it most definitely has the largest database of Tiny Houses for sale. The website owner is also not affiliated with any builder or company, so the advertisements are unbiased (as far as I know). That being said, it’s getting so big, that the website and search functionality can be a bit clunky at times. Sometimes the listings are out of date or duplicates. But, with some patience, using this website you can easily find a handful of Tiny Houses for sale in your area that you will love. Another great way to use this resource is to follow the official¬†Facebook page.

3). Craigslist.org

This classic choice for finding items for sale online also works well for Tiny House real estate! I’ve had a lot of luck using it, and I even found my vintage trailer on Craigslist. Make sure you search with a variety of keywords, such as: Tiny House, Tiny Home, Small House, Bus, Schoolie, Skooly, Van, Van Life, Tiny House on Wheels, Trailer, Trailer Homes, etc.¬† The process can be tedious, especially if you’re searching in more than one location. But if anyone is selling a used in your area Tiny House, you can assume they will post an ad on Craigslist. You may find a great deal before anyone else!


4). Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a great area to find inspiration for you future Tiny Home, it’s also a great place to shop. Any company or builder selling a beautiful Tiny House will advertise their creation. Sometimes companies even have their own Pinterest accounts just to showcase their products. Other shoppers will pin and repin the best Tiny Houses for sale on their boards. Therefore, through a domino effect of social media, you may find your perfect Tiny House for sale just because someone else pinned it!

5). Official Company Websites & Social Media

If you are eyeing a specific Tiny House design or company, make sure you check their blog and social media often. Usually, this is the first place companies will advertise and announce new Tiny Houses for sale. And, if someone happens to return one of their homes, they may even run a killer sale to get rid of it!

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