Before Video the Trailer Restoration

Before Video the Trailer Restoration

A few months ago, I announced that I bought a 1972 Hunter Compact Jr fiberglass trailer. Before I get too far along in the restoration, I shot a video tour of the current state of my project. In this video, you can see the “before” and hear what I have planned for the future. Hopefully you’ll be impressed with the transformation!

Watch the before video of my Vintage Trailer Restoration :

As you can see, there’s a good amount of work to be done. My goal is to have my trailer finished (or partially finished) by late May or early June. That’s only 6 weeks away! I’m not sure I will be able to do it, so wish me luck!

This is what I’m planning on doing to my vintage trailer:

  • Fix the leaky plumbing
  • Raise the pop top roof 2-3″ using pistons
  • Replace the curtains
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Remove the refrigerator and replace with a Dometic CFX-28*
  • Upgrade the solar system with a Humless system*
  • Redo the floors
  • Purchase an outdoor shower system (TBD which kind, still shopping)
  • Repainting the outside
  • Replace two broken windows

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My Trailer is Getting a New Paint Job!

Perhaps the largest, and most expensive project of this restoration is the paint job. I know some of you are saying “don’t do it!”, but I feel that it’s important for the outside of the trailer to be just a beautiful as the inside. The trailer’s current paint job is in good shape, it’s true, but it does have a fair amount of scratches, chips, and sun damage. There is a dullness to the paint, and I really want my trailer to be bright and shiny. I am hiring a friend to do the paint job, and the color we chose was a brighter yellow. The red decal strips will be removed, as they aren’t original and I don’t like them very much.

Stay Tuned for More Vintage Trailer Updates!


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