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Living in a Tiny House Stinks (Sometimes)


What are the cons of living in a Tiny House? I’m asked this question all of the time, and it has always been a difficult question for me to answer. Is my Tiny House perfect? Of course not! But I do love it, and I think I’ve also learned to love my home’s imperfections. Contrary to popular belief (on HGTV anyway), the tiny lifestyle isn’t always butterflies and ice cream. I get frustrated with my home. There have been moments when I wanted to move out. Sometimes I gaze longingly at my friend’s large apartment, with its modern kitchen and futuristic appliances (re: oven and dishwasher). These moments of doubt eventually pass, and I remember all of the benefits of Tiny House living. After I come back to my truth, I tell myself to stop complaining.

But, today I’m not going to do that. Today I’m going to complain, and you’re going to hear exactly what I don’t like about my house and my lifestyle. Are you ready for this? Because I’m serving you up a big slice of reality-check-pie! Here are my top 10 cons of Tiny House living.

Watch this Video to Learn What I Hate About My Tiny House:

1). Tiny Homes Get Dirty Really Quickly

Everyone always talks about how easy and fast it is to clean a Tiny House, but they don’t tell you that it’s even easier to get it totally filthy! I can turn my house from a sterile hospital room into a disgusting dumpster in a matter of seconds. One bowl of cereal falls off the counter… my house is a wreck. It’s laundry day and I’m hanging clothes inside to dry because it’s raining outdoors… total chaos. My dog roams in with muddy paws… game over. I feel like I’m constantly cleaning, and that’s a big con for me.

2). Explaining My Compost Toilet to Guests

Funny thing I’ve learned: adults do not enjoy being potty-trained. Unfortunately, every time I have a guest over I have to go through the awkward explanation of “how to pee and poo in my bathroom.” I’m sort of used to it by now, but I always get the same abashed look from my guests when they receive their toilet lesson…. especially when it’s a guy I’ve just started dating. I can imagine the story they will tell later…

“So I went over to her house and she instructed me that I had to sit to pee in her bathroom… weirdest date ever!” 

3). Making the Bed in the Loft

I’m pretty sure I deserve an Olympic medal for making my bed every day in just 40 inches of space.

4). Smells

In a Tiny Space, it’s really difficult to avoid smells – good or bad. A single scented candle can be overwhelming. Opening the windows helps a bit, but some smells – such as burnt toast or a campfire – will imprint themselves on my curtains, clothes, and sheets for days on end.

One of my few dinner parties!

5). Ability to Have Guests Over

No matter what anyone tells you, there is a limit to the number of people you can have over in a Tiny House. I don’t have parties, and I rarely host dinners. I also have a hard time housing my friends or relatives when they come to visit, because they have to sleep on my futon couch and be “okay” with my compost toilet. Some people would consider this a good thing, but I enjoy company, so it’s on my list of cons.

6). Limited Wardrobe

Sometimes I really enjoy not having a lot of clothes, but there have been several occasions when I curse my tiny closet and the lack of contents within. For example, one summer I was invited to several weddings and I was photographed wearing the exact same thing to each and every one. It was embarrassing. I felt unfashionable and poor, and I’m neither of those things.

7). No Room to Grow

As I evolve in my life and I start to think about having children, I just don’t think I could do it in my current Tiny House. I know other Tiny Housers have children, but they carefully planned and designed their homes for that purpose. I was 27 when I built my house and it was designed for two people to travel. Things change. Life happens. In a regular foundation home, you could potentially expand. My house is limited by the size of my trailer.

Tiny House Weight

8). Weight Limitations

Speaking of limitations, my house is restricted by weight, which is determined by the size of my axels. I can’t add a marble countertop or a tile bathroom to my house. I’m almost maxed out as it is! I have to think about every single item I bring in to my home. Often, when I’m deciding between two things I choose the one that weighs the least.

9). Parking & Insurance

Ah yes, one the biggest cons of the Tiny House movement. Overall I have been lucky in these areas, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t received an eviction or that I didn’t have to deal with a bad insurance agent in the past.

10). Judgy People

My least favorite thing about living tiny is that “normal” people will judge you. When you live alternatively, there is really no way to avoid the scrutiny of others. It’s something you deal with. I receive A LOT of criticism because I choose to share my life and experiences online. I’m broadcasting my life to the masses, and if they don’t like it, I hear about it. Normally I wouldn’t complain, but today I said I would… so I am!

What do you think about the cons of living small?



  1. Teresa P Norman
    April 6, 2019 / 9:07 am

    I love ur home. I want to build one so bad but I’m 3 things away from being a hoarder lol. Bening a crafter i keep everything.

  2. January 7, 2019 / 4:30 pm

    Oh man, so many cons.. I live in the rainforest in my Tiny with two dogs so I’m constantly sweeping the floor. Also, hauling water in the rain (I’m off grid!) can get old especially when you just want a shower.. as well as using a composting toilet when you’re hungover. I have no space for company to stay the night when it’s cold as we don’t have a loft but are more of a vardo-style tiny. But all of these things don’t even come close to touching how liberating it is to not pay someone else’s mortgage, and to know that you’re making the smallest environmental impact possible. My only hope is that the county zoning board fucks off for as long as possible and we can live this way forever.

  3. Tammy
    December 31, 2018 / 3:49 pm

    Hi! Found this on youtube and loved the video. Can you say more about the judgement and examples?

    • January 11, 2019 / 12:24 pm

      All you have to do is read the comments on YouTube to see the judgement and have examples 🙂

  4. September 5, 2018 / 1:49 am

    I don’t live tiny but I get really excited to design in small spaces… many years ago I got divorced but loved my new furtinure, and I was very determined to keep it, lol… so I managed to cram all of my crap and a ton of furniture from 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apt… I was so proud. *sniff* lol

    Anyway, this might sound judgy, but hopefully not!

    First, I don’t know exactly how a composting toilet works, but I would bet some “Poo-Pourri” would help tremendously… it’s awesome stuff, and you can buy it online and in some stores too. You can even make your own, but I would buy a bottle first so you can road test the real deal. It’s a relationship saver, for sure! Lol

    And second, regarding the limited closet issue, I kept looking at your walls, wanting to hang items on pretty Huggable Hangers on a “closet rod” made from industrial-looking plumbing pipe, flush against the wall. The pipe and clothes could be exposed, almost as “art” or decorative elements, or you could hang floor to ceiling curtains also flush just in front of the pipe for cleaner look… probably would use just 4” of space, but could choose a gorgous fabric for the curtains, and of course you could probably hang a bunch of extra clothes that way, yay! Also, if you have a lot of socks or scarves, you can use them to fill pillows, and just pull out what you need occasionally… could also work with t-shirts, an extra throw blanket, etc.

    Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

    • Audrée
      November 24, 2018 / 6:09 am

      A composting toilet does NOT smell. I promise you that. I know the exact type she has. The thing is it separates solids from liquid and if you go #2, you need to open the trap, then close it after you go and spin the thingy on the side a few times to mix it all. Most people don’t know how it works and you don’t necessary have time to read alla bout it when you have to go. I explain the toilet to people the second they arrive because of it, haha! OK, maybe not the second, but in the first 15 minutes, just in case someone goes and makes a mistake.
      People usually do not believe how it does not smell. Honestly, this toilet is fantastic IF you know how to use it… and yes, guests usually don’t.

      That’s why when she talked about smells, she meant wet dog smell, food smell or perfume, etc.

  5. Caitlin Collins
    August 8, 2018 / 8:17 am

    All of my friends know that I have been looking for this video FOREVER all over the internet!!! THANK YOU!!! my fiance and I have always wanted to live tiny but I’m totally a keep it real kind of person and have always been SO MAD about how all the videos are like “yeah we live in 1 sq. ft and we all sleep standing up against the walll and it’s literally the best thing ever 💁‍♂️💁‍♀️“ haha THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. How are we supposed to genuinely know what we are getting into and know maybe even what modifications to make if we never know what the real issues are? How can we truly make an informed decision?! So thank you SO much for this.

    • C
      August 15, 2018 / 1:06 pm

      About $50.00 for ozone air purifier turned on low removes almost all smells. Check amazon big ones about $90.00 Very small cost to operate!

  6. August 4, 2018 / 11:15 am

    AHHLaaasssss… you can’t please everyone.
    ANYways, it is your life not theirs. I simply say, “You are happy in your life aren’t you? (Yes/No don’t matter) In my life, I’m quite happy.”
    It’s so sad that there are those in this world that judge others. What’s worse are those who can’t take return judgements and go into negative rants on your lifestyle. I let’m rant and when they’re finished, I simply shrug my shoulders and say, “I’m not jealous of your lifestyle” or “I’m happy, you’re happy, discussion over”.

    Someday I’ll meet someone or a set of friends that I want to stay in place for an extended time or possibly permanent. If I have the means to park it, sell it, etc. I will.
    But for now I’ll keep building my future, hopefully completed before “D” day. I’d like some time out on the back roads again.

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